AUBG Startup Team Achieves Success at Hult Prize Competition

July 08, 2024
AUBG Startup Team Achieves Success at Hult Prize Competition

The student-led startup ZapomniGo (RememberIt) team pitched their idea at the Global Hult Prize competition.

This team – Ivan Obreshkov, Atanas Bobev, Aleksandar Ivanov, and Iva Kambitova, that was part of the AUBG Elevate Accelerator, secured victory at the Local Hult Prize Competition held on the AUBG campus in April of this year. Their accomplishment, however, extends beyond this initial win. The team recently presented their creation at the prestigious Hult Prize competition in Portugal, where they competed against fellow student teams harboring world-altering ideas.

ZapomniGo: A Platform for Enhanced Learning

ZapomniGo ushers in a new era of educational content accessibility, delivering a comprehensive digital flashcard platform. Flashcards, traditionally utilized as study aids featuring terms on one side and corresponding definitions or questions on the other, are transformed into a dynamic and interactive learning experience through ZapomniGo’s digital interface.

This resourceful platform transcends the role of a static repository for pre-made flashcards. It empowers both instructors and students to collaboratively create, edit, and share educational materials, fostering a lively learning environment that actively encourages the continual development of knowledge.

An Invaluable Learning Experience

Reflecting on their participation in the Hult Prize competition, a member of the ZapomniGo team, Ivan Obreshkov, shared that “”Competing at the Hult Prize was truly eye-opening. The other teams presented incredible world-changing ideas, demonstrating the power of innovation. While nearly all were R&D projects, it showcased the potential for real impact. Even though we didn’t make the final six, the experience reinforced the importance of a strong team and a bold vision.”

“We learned a great deal and are even more motivated to push forward with ZapomniGo.””

The Hult Prize: A Catalyst for Social Entrepreneurship

The Hult Prize is a highly regarded competition that challenges students to address the world’s most pressing issues through the lens of social entrepreneurship. Each year, a single winning team is awarded a life-changing sum of $1 million in funding to propel their impactful idea into a reality.

The AUBG Elevate Accelerator program takes immense pride in having served as a nurturing ground for such a promising startup. The dedication and innovative spirit exemplified by the ZapomniGo team serve as a powerful testament to the AUBG community’s unwavering commitment to fostering positive global change. We eagerly anticipate their continued success as they revolutionize the way knowledge is acquired and retained.