Aleksandra Ivanova (’20) on Navigating a Data-Driven Journey of Excellence

August 18, 2023 Yenlik O'Neill
Aleksandra Ivanova (’20) on Navigating a Data-Driven Journey of Excellence

Returning from Denmark to Bulgaria after completing her International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, Aleksandra Ivanova (’20) was determined to make her mark in her home country. As Aleksandra said, this journey led her to AUBG, where she pursued a double major in Economics and Business Administration with a minor in Management.   

Aleksandra’s passion for subjects like mathematics, physics, economics, business, and programming fueled her academic pursuits and laid the foundation for her future endeavors. Embracing campus life, she engaged in extracurricular activities and internships, contributing to the European Society Club, Model United Nations Club, and Infocus student clubs. As she started her professional journey, Aleksandra continuously sought opportunities to expand her horizons and make a significant impact. 

Leading the Master Data Quality Team at Coca-Cola HBC

Recently, Aleksandra embarked on a pivotal chapter in her career as the leader of the Master Data Quality Team at Coca-Cola HBC. In this role, she oversees data quality across 29 countries, over 100 brands, and a customer base of 715 million customers.

As Aleksandra shared, her team’s mission is to ensure robust organizational integrity through processes, policies, and innovative technologies. She bridges the gap between technical and business aspects, collaborating on projects that uphold data excellence and business continuity. Additionally, she serves as a Cultural Ambassador, fostering diversity and inclusivity.  

AUBG Network’s Impact on My Career

As Aleksandra highlighted, AUBG’s impact on her career is immeasurable. For her, it’s more than an alma mater; it’s a lifelong connection. The AUBG alumni network has broadened her perspectives and introduced her to various industries, enriching the journey.  

 “This continuous exchange of knowledge and support within the AUBG community serves as a testament to the lasting impact this institution has on its students and graduates, solidifying its position as a lifelong source of inspiration and guidance.”  

Skills Gained at AUBG

While recognizing the impact AUBG had on her personal and professional development, Aleksandra highlighted the most important aspect of the skill set that she acquired throughout her undergraduate journey – “the courage to choose the challenging path”. In Aleksandra’s view, AUBG gave her a better understanding not only of the importance of one’s knowledge and skills but also of the power of trust in people themselves and their potential. 

“This institution believed in me, identifying and nurturing areas within myself that I had not even fathomed at that point in time. Equipped with a profound understanding of diversity, AUBG empowered me to continually learn and grow, to both give and seek feedback, to remain grounded, and to relentlessly pursue my goals. It impressively conveyed that dreams are simply future goals waiting to be realized, igniting within me an unwavering belief in the power of ambition and determination.”  

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Entrepreneurial Venture with IPASS

During her AUBG years, Aleksandra co-founded IPASS, an innovative venture aiming to revolutionize the entertainment industry. Leveraging AI, IPASS was created as a transparent system for access control in major venues, such as the National Stadium, Sports Hall Arena Armeets, Stadium Ludogorets Arena, The Winter Palace, etc. According to Aleksandra, this system not only enhanced security but also facilitated the identification of individuals using archival images. 

Since there was some interest in the acquisition of IPASS and Aleksandra and her co-founding partner recognized that the company’s future development requires constant supervision, they recently made a decision to sell their business.

Dedication to AUBG

“As an alumnus, I hold a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the transformative education and invaluable experiences I received during my time at AUBG,” Aleksandra said. “Supporting AUBG is not just a privilege but also a way of perpetuating its legacy and enabling others to embark on their own journeys of personal and academic fulfillment.” 

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