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Why Entrepreneurship?


Why Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts is not reserved for art students only. At AUBG, for example, we have a variety of majors and minors spanning from Business Administration to Computer Science, and we make sure that you get a solid understanding and in-depth knowledge in the field you choose to study. What differentiates Liberal Arts from other types of degrees, however, is that in addition to that, it gives you the freedom to explore, create, practice your skills and connect to others.

Liberal Arts at AUBG

Program details



Conflict Management

ENT 4040


ENT 3000

Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs

ENT 2020

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

ENT 2061

Topics in Entrepreneurship

ENT 4[4-9]NN

Topics in Entrepreneurship Practice

ENT 4[4-9]NN

Change Management

ENT 4041

Policies and Policy-Making in the EU

EUR 3003