Maria Hristova Diving Into the Tutoring Role

March 05, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
Maria Hristova Diving Into the Tutoring Role

Maria B. Hristova is a sophomore. She is pursuing Business Administration and Journalism and Mass Communication, and looking forward to fulfilling a minor in Economics. She is also making sure to catch every opportunity there is on campus through the clubs she is member of: Xaia Hiking Club (Vice President), AUBG Daily (reporter), Rock Jamming Club, The Sharks.

But above all that she is part of the Peer-to-peer advising team this year. Read below why she decided to become part of the team and piece of advice she has for the students.

Why Tutoring?

The opportunity would help me interact with a larger portion of the AUBG community. It would also allow me to gain deeper knowledge on how courses are organized and how to build up a good portfolio of them. In addition, it would sharpen my time management skills and strengthen my CV.

Piece of Advice

Don’t stray from the professors who are labelled as “tough graders”. They often have the most to teach you.

Get back

My New Year resolution is to read more books. If you have any good suggestions, feel free to share them with me.

Make sure to book an appointment with Maria:
Monday 10:30-11:30 a.m. in the Student Affairs floor in the ABF