Yana Ivanova Passing on the Passion for French Culture

March 06, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
Yana Ivanova Passing on the Passion for French Culture

Yana Ivanova is a sophomore student at AUBG pursuing double major in Business Administration and Modern Languages and Cultures, with a focus in French. Out of the classroom, she is part of the TEDxAUBG student club.

“It is a well-rounded approach, that opens up various opportunities for me.”

The AUBG Journey

I’m always open to exploring new perspectives and ideas. My academic journey represents a blend of linguistic exploration and business acumen. I’m excited about what’s coming ahead and look forward to continued growth at AUBG.


One of the reasons I decided to become a tutor in French is my love for the language and the desire to help others navigate its complexities. Being a tutor not only allows me to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who would need some support, but also I find this form of tutoring interaction very appropriate and helpful for those in need. Furthermore, it deepens my own understanding and helps me gain invaluable experience in teaching and communication.

Piece of Advice

For students taking a class in my field or pursuing a similar major, I would advise immersing yourself in the cultural aspects of the language; listen or engage in conversations with native speakers, watch films, and read literature.