WELCOME TO SIGI3                                                                                            

SIGI3 is a special online guidance tool designed to help you plan your career. SIGI3 (System of Interactive Guidance and Information) is one of the most advanced education and career planning systems available. It matches your profile to thoroughly researched information about occupations, work-related values, interests, skills, majors and educational programs, and more. 

How can it help me decide on a career?  

SIGI3 can help you examine your work-related values, interests, and skills systematically through self-assessment. Once you enter your own preferences, the program searches its built-in library and finds those careers that most closely match your preferences. It can save you literally days of leafing through catalogs and career books, and because its built-in library is so large, it may well find career options you never knew existed.    

What does SIGI3 include?   

SIGI3 consists of several core sections:  Starting, Assessments, Occupational Information, Analysis, and Getting There (see User’s Guide  for full details).  Each section covers important aspects of the career planning and decision-making process.  A new Top Picks panel acts as a Portfolio for accumulating the information you gather throughout SIGI3. Since people have different goals, you may find some sections more useful than others. SIGI3 has an activity to help you choose the path through the system that’s best for you.   Each occupation is fully up-to-date with the latest information on:   

  • Definition and Description - work activities, typical job titles/specialties/military, work settings-indoor/outdoor, special problems/satisfactions
  • Education and Training – academic course examples, specific occupational training, personal qualifications, required skills, experience, other requirements
  • Personal Satisfactions - contribution to society, leadership, prestige, leisure, independence, variety, interest fields
  • Opportunities - current employment outlook, where employed, job security, advancement 
  • List of resources for more information – website links, books, journals, etc.  

What are the benefits of SIGI3?   

  • Access 24/7 from any PC on or off-campus
  • Self-directed, flexible, and easy-to-use. You take charge of your own career decision making. Use the program all at once or a section at a time. Come back as often as you like. Try different scenarios and choices until it feels right
  • Saves your work in SIGI3 for your future use.
  • Saves you money, time, and energy. SIGI3 takes the guesswork and frustration out of career and educational planning by providing an easy step-by-step process.  

How do I access SIGI3?   

SIGI3 is exclusively provided for the students of AUBG for free. SIGI3 is a restricted access link that can be accessed through the Career Center SIGI3 web site. Students need to sign-up at the Career Center for personal account creation and will have the ability to later change their login password. You can download the Account Application Form here , or pick one from the wall displays outside the office. If you do not go through the provided steps, a “Restricted Access Warning” page will pop-up instead of the customized AUBG login screen. Contact Career Center at to obtain the AUBG access code.   

How to Use SIGI3   

1. If you have your access code, click here to log in to Sigi3 

2. Enter your account name and password assigned by the Career Center. 

3. Log in and utilize the program at your own pace. Take the self-assessment, see how Sigi3 relates that to career choice and major programs or explore hundreds of occupations. 

4. We also recommend that you schedule a counseling appointment with the CareerCenter staff. We are here to help you talk through any questions or concerns you may have, provide direction on resources and assist you in developing a plan of action in your search for a major or career.   

SIGI3® software is a product of Valpar International Corporation, Tuscon Arizona.

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