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AUBG MultiTalent Quest

Everybody has a talent. Show us yours!

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Are you passionate about mathematics and analytical thinking? Do you love debating, and solving social challenges? Or perhaps you have artistic or athletic talent? During the AUBG MultiTalent Quest, you will have the chance to test your skills in various areas, all while having fun and meeting new friends on the campus of the American University in Bulgaria.

And that’s not all! The grand winner of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest will receive a full four-year scholarship for AUBG! So hurry up, and read more about how to successfully apply for the quest.

The prizes for the MTQ winners this year are:

  • 1st place – 100% tuition scholarship for 4 years at AUBG
  • 2nd place – 50% tuition scholarship for 4 years at AUBG
  • 3rd place – 50% tuition  scholarship for 4 years at AUBG

For starters, you will need:

  • Upper intermediate-level communication skills in English;
  • A broad general education background;
  • Talents in multiple academic, creative, and athletic disciplines.

There are no fees for the competition. We will even cover your accommodation and food expenses. All you need to do is impress us with your skills and knowledge.



Application form

You’ll need to demonstrate your talents by May 15, 2023.

    • Answer all the questions
    • Upload your 9th and 10th grade transcripts showing your GPA (grade point average). We accept your transcripts in the form of a scanned copy, screenshot, or picture from your phone.
    • Submit the link to your 30-second creative video
    • Download, complete, and upload the Parental Consent Forms
  • Once you complete the application, we will have to do an online English test! We will send you the test by May 20.

QuestCV Guide

30-Second Creative Video Tips

We bet you are a little anxious about this part of the application process but don’t worry!

    • Make sure you create a video that you would be proud of if it goes viral!
    • Tell us about yourself in a creative way. Share any events in your life and any achievements that make you proud. Demonstrate your talents and skills.
    • Plan before you stand in front of the camera. Writing your ideas ahead of time encourages intention, clarity, and confidence.
    • Be natural but avoid excessive “ums” and “likes” when speaking.
    • Record the video with your (or your friend’s) phone or camera. Remember: high-tech alone doesn’t make a movie better. 
    • Fit in the 30-second time frame. We don’t watch longer videos.
    • If you are speaking, make sure to use English.
    • Speak loud enough and reduce or eliminate background noise. We want to be able to hear you. 
    • Consider the light: not too dark, not too bright. We want to see what you choose to show us. 
    • Avoid having the camera pointing up to your nose. We want to see your face and reactions.
    • Edit your video, if necessary. There is plenty of free video editing software to use.
    • Save the final version following the sample name: AUBG MTQ 2023. If you’d like, you can include your name.
    • Create a YouTube account or use an existing one.
    • Upload your video to the YouTube account of your choice. You may use public or unlisted video privacy settings. If you choose “unlisted”, only those who you send the link to can see it.
    • Copy the video URL by right-clicking on the YouTube video and choosing “Copy Video URL”. 
    • Paste the copied URL into your MTQ application form.
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The Competition

  • Math & Analytical Thinking is an individual discipline. Social Challenge and Debate are team disciplines. The teams will be put together by the organizers of the Quest. Participants will get to know their teammates at the beginning of Round 2.

    • Math & Analytical Thinking
    • Social Challenge
    • Debates
  • The AUBG MultiTalent Quest participants can choose to compete in either the Arts or the Sports discipline.

    • Arts
    • Sports
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Everybody has a talent & Show us yours