MultiTalent Quest 2023: A Pool of Talent and Knowledge

September 12, 2023 Tsvetana Haydushka
MultiTalent Quest 2023: A Pool of Talent and Knowledge

AUBG MultiTalent Quest 2023 gathered 64 students from Bulgaria and beyond and gave them the stage to present their skills and knowledge in just a weekend on the AUBG campus. Traditionally organized by the Admissions team for senior high school students, the competition gathered the AUBG community – current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

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Quest Winners 2023

The big winner of the competition was Iva Ichevska, who was awarded a full scholarship for four years of study at AUBG. As Iva was reflecting on her MTQ experience, she highlighted the importance of having fun and making new friends along the way. 

Second and third place were shared by Plamena Pavlova and Stefan Valev, respectively. Both of them were awarded a 50% scholarship for AUBG. 

Left to right: Stefan Valev, Plamena Pavlova, Iva Ichevska


The winners within each discipline were awarded certificates and AUBG service benefits. The full list of awardees may be found below:

 In the SPORTlight (female):

  1.  Elena Georgieva
  2. Yoanna Zaharieva
  3. Diana Mendova

 In the SPORTlight (male):

  1. Stefan Gadzhev
  2. Daniel Hristov
  3. Asen Metodiev

ARTS on the Spot:

  1. Deyan Sokolov
  2. Stefan Valev
  3. Bilyana Spasova


  1. Iva Ichevska
  2. Yoanna Zaharieva
  3. Plamena Pavlova

SOCIAL Challenge Hack:

Team H: Nadezhda Georgieva, Stefan Valev, Eleonora Karidova, Ellitsa Yakimova,

DEBATE, don’t hate:

  1.  Siana Kuznetsova
  2. Vyara Bagryanova
  3. Iva Ichevska

Quest Structure 2023

On Friday, Sept. 8, the participants arrived on campus for the opening of the competition. With that, they also got insights into the problems they had to solve during the three key disciplines:

  • CharisMATHics;
  • SOCIAL Challenge Hack;
  • DEBATE, Don’t Hate.

For this, they worked in randomly allocated teams that challenged their teamwork and communication skills. Each team had a devoted facilitator – an AUBG student who guided and supported them during the competition. 

In addition, the participants had the chance to show their individual strengths in a chosen discipline – either ARTS on the Spot or In the SPORTlight .

After extensive hours of work on Friday and Saturday, the teams presented their solutions in front of the juries, experts in each of the disciplines. The diverse jury teams allowed the participants to meet different representatives from the AUBG community and get closer to the university spirit.

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Quest Jury 2023


  • Dimitar Kumanov (’18)
  • Miroslav Yordanov
  • Esra Yoztyurk
  • Aleksandar Yordanov
  • Tsvetina Georgieva

DEBATE, Don’t Hate:

  • Steven London (‘19)
  • Sevdalina Yaneva (‘13)
  • George Jurov (’07)
  • Kaloyan Tosev
  • Petar Andreev

SOCIAL Challenge Hack:

  • Prof. Evelina Van Mensel (EMBA ’16)
  • Prof. Maria Petrova (’95)
  • Tihomira Doncheva

ARTS on the Spot:

  • Sophie Volkhonskaya (‘14)
  • Gabriela Georgieva (‘18)
  • Maria Hristova
  • Emil Hayrumyan
  • Brigita Andonova
  • Hosted by Tsvetiana Zaharieva (’17)

In the SPORTlight:

  • Daniel Shopov (‘04), VP for Admissions
  • Viktor Kastrev
  • Radoslav Georgiev (’09)

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