AUBG Multitalent Quest

AUBG MultiTalent Quest for High School Juniors

Everybody has a talent. Show us yours!

The grand prize in this year’s competition is a FULL FOUR-YEAR SCHOLARSHIP for the American University in Bulgaria!

The application deadline for the AUBG MultiTalent Quest is extended until April 30. Hurry up and submit your application now!

Are you passionate about mathematics and analytical thinking? Do you love debating, and solving social challenges? Or perhaps you have artistic or athletic talent? During the AUBG MultiTalent Quest, you will have the chance to test your skills in various areas, all while having fun and meeting new friends on the campus of the American University in Bulgaria.  

And that’s not all! The grand winner of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest will receive a full four-year scholarship for AUBG! So hurry up, and read more about how to successfully apply for the quest.  

For starters, you will need: 

  • Upper intermediate-level communication skills in English;   
  • A broad general education background;   
  • Talents in multiple academic, creative, and athletic disciplines.  

There’s no fees for the competition. We will even cover your accommodation and food expenses. All you need to do is impress us with your skills and knowledge.

"Dear high-school juniors! If you still haven't signed up for AUBG's MultiTalent Quest, let me give you some advice. The Quest is both a great way to get to really know AUBG and to also test your knowledge and skills in many different areas, plus you'll make a ton of new friends! You'll definitely learn a lot of new things, develop your teamwork skills and most importantly have fun! It's not an experience to miss out on," Mira Rosenova Radoslavova, Winner of the 1st edition of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest and the ultimate
Quester - smart, knowledgeable, talented, socially involved, fluent in English, and… now a student at AUBG!

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