State Exams

 The State Exam for the AUBG EMBA Program in Sofia will be either a portfolio project or a comprehensive exam at the end of the student’s study. The choice belongs to the student.

Option 1: Research Portfolio

The research portfolio will include summaries/analyses of 3 research articles on one topic in the respective subject area chosen by the student (3-5 pages long) and one research report on a specific problem, which includes data analysis (min. 5 pages) and  annotated bibliography (consulted with the respective EMBA professor). Each student’s report will be reviewed upon completion by a professor in whose field the report was written.

Option 2: State Exam

The state exam will cover 4 out of 50 topics/questions in all mandatory areas of study, e.g. marketing, finance, accounting, HRM etc. The 50 topics/questions will be equally distributed among all the subjects. The topics/questions will be randomly selected in a way that two or more questions cannot be selected from the same subject area. The students will be notified in advance about what these 50 topics/questions are. The questions will be prepared by the professors who teach these topics. These professors are the ones most familiar with what students have learned and what they are expected to know by the end of their studies. The state exam will be graded by the 4 faculty in whose fields the 4 topics/questions are.

Guidelines to Option 1

The research portfolio will include the following:

1. Analysis of 3 research articles on one specific topic/problem related to the subject area chosen by the student together with his/her supervisor. The summary report should include analysis of the problem, related research in the area and major outcomes of this research. The report should be up to 3,000 words long and must reflect the student capability to read, analyze and report important quantifiable and non-quantifiable data.

2. A research report on the same specific topic/problem, analyzed in part 1. The report should include collection and analysis of important data, possible approaches to and/or solutions of the problem in question (from different perspective, if possible) and annotated bibliography (15+ citations). The report should be 3,000 to 5,000 words long and should include the following sections: brief introduction, analysis, and summary with main conclusions.

Each student’s report will be reviewed upon completion by two EMBA professors: the supervisor and one professor whose research interests fall in a similar or close field the report was written in.

EMBA State Exam Questions Spring 2015

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