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Open Courses

Take selected courses without being enrolled in the Executive MBA program

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As a modern knowledge institution, the American University in Bulgaria is taking an active role in curating and offering contemporary learning experiences for professionals and companies interested in the continuous enhancement of their knowledge, capacities, and skills.

Within the Executive MBA program at AUBG, we launched open enrollment and elective courses that allow you to take selected credit courses without being enrolled in the program. The courses perfectly suit the needs of business professionals and decision-makers, AUBG alumni and friends, personal growth seekers and management professionals.

Why to take an Open Course at AUBG?

  • Innovative curriculum focused on new concepts and best practices;
  • Interactive and engaged learning based on case approach;
  • Outstanding international faculty members and leading practitioners with global know-how and local awareness;
  • Cultural diversity and exchange of professional experience with fellow participants;
  • Weekend classes designed for busy professionals;

Open Enrollment Courses

Take a course with real university credits.

  • This course presents an overview of the unique problems faced by firms engaging in international activities in Business in terms of understanding the reasons for internationalization and the functional processes behind successful internationalization. It highlights the importance of understanding the foreign economic, social, cultural, political, and the functional processes behind successful.

  • This course covers the policies, methods and techniques utilized in human resources management and human relations to ensure that the organization has the best human resources available and that these resources are deployed in the most efficient and effective ways to meet the organization's mission and its goals.

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Elective Courses

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