At AUBG, we are  renowned for our academic excellence, liberal arts system and innovative teaching style. The academic programs and curricula are designed and offered by eight different academic departments, all staffed with highly qualified and experienced faculty members from all over the world.  

Learning at AUBG takes place both in state-of-the-art facilities and outside of the classroom.  In addition to a wide variety of classes and programs, the departments offer students related events such as field trips, guest speakers, simulations, and projects, all designed to provide our students with cutting edge knowledge and experiences. Students select classes from a diverse range of subjects and have opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research and inquiry. Our programs cross boundaries and foster out-of-the-box thinking, while allowing students to achieve a great degree of specialization in their chosen major(s). 

The curriculum at AUBG is designed and delivered by the following departments:

Department of Business 
- major in Business Administration 

Department of Computer Science
- majors and minors in Computer Science and  Information Systems 

Department of Economics 
- major and minor in Economics 

Department of History and Civilizations 
- major in History and Civilizations and major and minor in  American Studies; minors in Anthropology, History, and Southeastern European Studies 

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication 
- major and minor in Journalism And Mass Communication

Department of Literature and Theatre

major in Literature,Self-designed Majors in Theatre and Film Studies, minor in Literature, minor in Fine Arts (with MLA Department), minor in Film Studies (with JMC Department)

Department of Mathematics and Science
- major and minor in Mathematics
- major and minor in Physics 

Department of Modern Languages and Arts
- minors in Fine Arts and Modern Languages and Cultures

Department of Political Science and European Studies
- majors and minors in Political  Science and International Relations and European Studies; minor in Public Policies 

Department of Philosophy and Psychology
- major in Psychology; minors in Philosophy and Religion, and Psychology

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