Subject Week: The Power of Emotions

November 28, 2023
Subject Week: The Power of Emotions

Explore the fascinating world of emotions with our book display on “The Power of Emotions.” Discover engaging stories and witness helpful guides that show the big role feelings play in our lives, affecting our experiences, relationships, and overall well-being.

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  4. Flanagan, O. (2023). Against happiness. Columbia University Press. HN25 .F58 2023
  5. Freeman, D. (2012). Art’s emotions : Ethics, expression and aesthetic experience. McGill-Queen’s University Press. NX165 .F74 2012
  6. Hodge, S. (2022). How art can change your life. Thames & Hudson. N71 .H59 2022
  7. Hunnicutt, B. K. (2020). The age of experiences: Harnessing happiness to build a new economy. Temple University Press. BF575.H27 H865 2020
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  10. Vlad, D. E. (2020). Concepts of quality connected to social media and emotions. Springer Gabler HM742 .V633 2020

When off campus, please enter your credentials to access e-books.


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