Off-campus Access

Off-campus Access

Off-campus access to Panitza Library e-books, electronic journals, and databases is available only to current AUBG students, faculty, and staff*.

How to connect? When on campus, you will be recognized as an AUBG user and you can automatically have full access to the electronic resources. When out of campus, authentication is required.

Software needed

To start using the remote access you must download Panitza Library Remote Access RAR file. Extract the file using a software like WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip, etc. Choose where you wish to save it on your computer. Run the file Panitza Library Remote Access. This is Mozilla Firefox Portable, slightly modified for our needs. Use it only to access the online library resources.

Logging in An authorization screen (see below) will pop up.

Students must sign in with STUDIN\(username) (example: STUDIN\ght093) and their AUBG password. Faculty and staff must sign in only with their username (example: nbell) and their AUBG password. Elieff center students, faculty and staff must sign in using SOFIA\(username) and their AUBG password.

Have a question? Contact Us.

Common mistakes - Not using the right slash. You must use back slash “\”. - When you have downloaded the zip file, you must unzip it first. In Windows XP / Vista / 7 you may see the content of the zip file and it could mislead you that the file is extracted, but it is not. Make sure to extract (unzip) it before you run it.

*Why only AUBG students, faculty, and staff?

When we purchase access to an electronic resource, we sign a license agreement with the vendor. This license requires that we restrict access to current AUBG affiliates.

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