New Faculty Publication by Prof. Elgin and Prof. Elveren

June 04, 2024
New Faculty Publication by Prof. Elgin and Prof. Elveren

In a series of posts Panitza library will share the University research. The aim of these series is to highlight the accomplishments of AUBG faculty and make their works more visible.

Panitza Library is pleased to announce a new publication by Prof. Elgin and Prof. Elveren.

Elgin, C., & Elveren, A. Y. (2024). Wage-productivity gap and discrimination against Syrian refugees: Evidence from Turkey. The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 1–13. 

In this paper, we introduce a unique dataset derived from a survey conducted among 450 Syrian refugee workers and the owners/managers of the firms in which they are employed in Istanbul, Turkey. We utilise this data to investigate the connection between the wage-productivity gap and perceived economic and social discrimination. The findings of the study indicate that individuals facing a wider wage-productivity gap tend to report higher levels of economic and social discrimination. These results remain consistent even after incorporating various variables at both the worker and firm levels into the analysis. These findings imply potential policy recommendations that policymakers should take into account.