Subject Week: “Psychology of Social Change”

April 07, 2024
Subject Week: “Psychology of Social Change”

The “Psychology of social change” is a field of study within psychology that focuses on understanding the psychological processes underlying individual and collective efforts to bring about societal transformations. It explores how people perceive, interpret, and respond to social issues, and how these processes contribute to or hinder efforts to create positive change.

Researchers in the psychology of social change aim to generate insights that inform the design of more effective interventions, campaigns, policies, and strategies for promoting positive social change and addressing pressing societal challenges.

Key components of the psychology of social change include: Beliefs and Attitudes, Social Influence, Collective Action, Empowerment and Agency, Social Identity and Intergroup Relations, Psychological Barriers and Facilitators.

Print books:

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When off campus, please enter your credentials to access e-books.


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