Stefani Kostadinova (’17) on Being True to Yourself, Self-Determination and Growth

January 24, 2023 Tsvetana Haydushka
Stefani Kostadinova (’17) on Being True to Yourself, Self-Determination and Growth

Stefani Kostadinova (’17) graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. An internship opportunity she won during her AUBG years motivated her to apply for a Master’s degree at NYU Stern School of Business right after her bachelor’s commencement. Today she works as a Management Consultant for the leading company in visualizations and computer graphics Chaos.

Stefani is also a polyglot sharing her tips and tricks on how to learn many languages on her YouTube channel Polyglot Secrets.

In 2021, Stefani Kostadinova (’17) was named AUBG Changemaker of the past Decade. What does that mean to her and how does a person become one? Listen to the personal story of Stefani who tells us about her high-school life, the busy days of being a university student and the number of decisions that one makes to create their own path, personally and professionally.

“I think that if you do as little as to serve as a good example, that is enough,” Stefani said. “Because sometimes people would want to see what you can achieve. For example, what kind of jobs can you expect after [graduation] or what kind of projects you can get to work on and where you can go with this.

[AUBG] is a school where I feel like a lot of people do something that is a little bit different. I think that makes so many of us change-makers and I think that serving as that kind of example, especially for incoming students that are freshmen and they are just going in and not sure what to do. Having some alumni that they can look at what they are doing and say “oh I like that but I would tweak it in that way” and then they by themselves become changemakers. I think that’s great.”