Dimitrina Germanova: “The Voice” of AUBG

March 15, 2024 Kaloyan Ivanov
Dimitrina Germanova: “The Voice” of AUBG

In the fall of 2023, AUBG first-year student Dimitrina Germanova joined the cast of the TV show “The Voice of Bulgaria.” She believed that it was a natural step in her musical career.

“I came to a point at which I wanted to build upon my singing and stage presence skills,” said Dimitrina. She felt that performing on the stage of “The Voice” would be a good way to receive exposure to a larger audience.

This article was originally published on the AUBG Daily website, it is written by Kaloyan Ivanov and edited by David Mitov and Dasha Dolgopolova

Talking about her overall experience, Dimitrina said that due to her prior participation in musical contests, she embraced everything that came her way. She expressed gratitude towards her family, friends, and vocal coaches for the support and motivation throughout the entire journey. The rehearsal process is what Dimitrina found most challenging. She notes that the audience sees only the final product and usually has no idea what happens behind the scenes. “We went there every morning very early and we stayed until late at night, working hard to deliver a great performance,” she said.

Dimitrina Germanova on ''The Voice of Bulgaria,'' Personal archive

Dimitrina Germanova on ”The Voice of Bulgaria,” Personal archive

Dimitrina also remembered the difficulties she had with studying, as the last stage of the contest was near finals week at AUBG.

Recalling her most memorable moment, she highlighted the grand finale of the contest.

“There was a big contrast between my feelings in the semi-final and the final. While I was nervous and stressed in the semi-final, I felt calm and happy, and enjoyed the show in the final.”

She was impressed by the production staff for creating an immaculate and unforgettable show and described herself as being “on cloud nine.” Dimitrina praised the friendliness of the other competitors, stating that there wasn’t any negative energy. “I had so much fun and made great friendships. We supported each other and were happy with every outcome of the competition,” she said.

From a very young age, Dimitrina has been dedicated to the arts. “When I was four, I started dancing and soon after, began piano lessons in solfège to develop my music theory skills,” she said. After that, she joined a children’s choir and then began her solo singing practice.

In the years that followed, Dimitrina took part in several musical formats, which included Junior Eurovision Song Contest twice. Dimitrina was part of drama, dance, and music theaters. Her experiences in those places led to her greatest passion – musicals. She now stands as a proud professional actor at State Opera Varna.

Dimitrina Germanova performing on stage, Personal archive

Dimitrina Germanova performing on stage, Personal archive

Music has become Dimitrina’s main form of expression and she has her parents to thank for that. “My family was very dedicated to exposing me to good music,” she recalled with a smile.

“When I was a baby, they would put me to sleep with the music of Tchaikovsky and Mozart.”

She shared that because of her parents, music feels so natural to her that she never had second thoughts about what she wanted to do in her life.

Dimitrina is now part of the Broadway club at AUBG, which is working on the musical “Heathers,” set to release on March 25.

“The rehearsals are very tiring and demanding, both physically and mentally,” said Dimitrina. She, however, shared that both the cast and the production team are amazing and professional, and she has no doubt that the final product will be spectacular.

Dimitrina shared that before coming to AUBG she thought she wouldn’t find her place and felt lost. Now, she feels grateful for all the contacts and friendships she has made.

“I found the right place and the right people, who would help me develop myself not only as a professional, but as a person as well.”