“Software Engineering” Subject Week

September 22, 2022
“Software Engineering” Subject Week

Explore this week’s books about software engineering and learn how to develop, design and test computer software using a variety of approaches. Get to know the programming languages, platforms, and architectures needed to develop your systems and programs.

Print books:

  1. Beyer, B., Jones, C., Petoff, J., & Murphy, N. R (Eds.). (2016). Site reliability engineering: how Google runs production systems. Oreilly. HD9696.8.U64 G6666 2016
  2. Birchall, C. (2016). Re-engineering legacy software. Manning. QA76.758 .B49 2016
  3. Crutcher, P, D., Singh, N. K., & Tiegs, P. (2021). Essential computer science: a programmer’s guide to foundational concepts. Apress. QA76 .C78 2021
  4. Gift,N., Behrman, K., Deza, A., & Gheorghiu, G. (2020). Python for DevOps: learn ruthlessly effective automation. O’Reilly Media. QA76.73.P98 G54 2020
  5. Hyde, R. (2020). Write great code. No Starch Press. QA76.6 .H94 2020
  6. Irving, D., Hertweck, K., Johnston, L., Ostblom, J., Wickham, C., Wilson, G. (2022). Research software engineering with Python: building software that makes research possible. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Q180.55.E4 I76 2022
  7. Lammel, R. (2018). Software languages: syntax, semantics, and metaprogramming. Springer. QA76.7 .L35 2018
  8. Loubser, N. (2021). Software engineering for absolute beginners: your guide to creating software products. Apress. QA76.758 .L68 2021
  9. Nuckolls, R. (2020). Azure storage, streaming, and batch analytics: a guide for data engineers. Manning Publications. QA76.585 .N83 2020
  10. Pohl, K., & Rupp, C. (2011). Requirements engineering fundamentals: a study guide for the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering exam: Foundation level, IREB compliant. Rocky Nook. QA76.758 .P6413 2011
  11. Rost, J. & Glass, R. L. (2011). The dark side of software engineering: evil on computing projects. John Wiley & Sons. QA76.758 .R67 2011
  12. Seemann, M. (2021). Code that fits in your head: heuristics for software engineering. Addison-Wesley. QA76.6 .S45 2021
  13. Shroff, G. (2010). Enterprise cloud computing: technology, architecture, applications. Cambridge University Press. TK5105.888 .S55 2010
  14. Stellman, A. & Greene, J. Learning agile: understanding Scrum, XP, Lean, and Kanban. O’Reilly. QA76.76.D47 S74 2015
  15. Taylor, R. N., Medvidović, N., & Dashofy, E., M. (2010). Software architecture: foundations, theory, and practice. John Wiley. QA76.754 .T39 2010
  16. Tsui, F., Karam, O., & Bernal, B. (2014). Essentials of software engineering. Jones & Bartlett Learning. QA76.758 .T78 2014

When off campus, please enter your credentials to access e-books.


  1. Arabnia, H. R., Deligiannidis, L., & Tinetti, F. G. (2019). Software Engineering Research and Practice. CSREA [MLI]. EBSCOhost.
  2. Cooper, K. M. L., & Scacchi, W. (Eds.). (2015). Computer games and software engineering. CRC Press LLC. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  3. D’Andrade, B. (2020). Software Engineering: Artificial Intelligence, Compliance, and Security. Nova. EBSCOhost.
  4. Esparza, J., Grumberg, O., & Sickert, S. (Eds.). (2016). Dependable software systems engineering. IOS Press, Incorporated. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  5. Feeney, K., Davies, J., Welch, J., Hellmann, S., Dirschl, C., & Koller, A. (2018). Engineering Agile Big-Data Systems. River Publishers. EBSCOhost.
  6. Felderer, M., Hasselbring, W., Koziolek, H., Matthes, F., Prechelt, L., Reussner, R., Rumpe, B., & Schaefer, I. (Eds.). (2022). Ernst Denert award for software engineering 2020: Practice meets foundations. Springer International Publishing AG. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  7. Green, D., Guntheroth, K., & Mitchell, S. R. (2020). The C++ workshop: Learn to write clean, maintainable code in C++ and advance your career in software engineering. Packt Publishing, Limited. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  8. Otero, C. (2012). Software engineering design: Theory and practice. Auerbach Publishers, Incorporated. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  9. Rajlich, V. (2011). Software engineering: The current practice. CRC Press LLC. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  10. Schmidt, R., & Schmidt, R. F. (2013). Software engineering: Architecture-driven software development. Elsevier Science & Technology. ProQuest Ebook Cental
  11. Troussas, C., & Sgouropoulou, C. (2020). Innovative trends in personalized software engineering and information systems: The case of intelligent and adaptive e-learning systems. IOS Press, Incorporated. ProQuest Ebook Cental