New Faculty Publication by Prof. Dimitar Christozov

April 04, 2024
New Faculty Publication by Prof. Dimitar Christozov

In a series of posts Panitza library will share the University research. The aim of these series is to highlight the accomplishments of AUBG faculty and make their works more visible.

Panitza Library is pleased to announce a new publication by Prof. Dimitar Christozov:

Christozov, D. G. (2024). Quantitative measures and warranty coverage of the risk of misinforming. IGI Global.


The relentless flood of data has given rise to a pressing concern: the widespread issue of misinformation. In an era where being well-informed is vital, the consequences of inaccurate information can be dire and wide-spread, impacting not only individuals but entire societies. The critical need for reliable, accurate, and high-quality information is more pronounced than ever, and the risk of being misled by this information has reached unprecedented levels.

Misinforming is characterized by the inadvertent distribution or reception of erroneous information leading to wrong understanding, interpretation, or application, and it has become an epidemic in our information-driven world. The repercussions of misinformation can extend to various aspects of society, from business and decision-making to interpersonal relationships. The gravity of this problem necessitates a thorough examination and the development of strategies to mitigate its risks.

Quantitative Measures and Warranty Coverage of the Risk of Misinforming offers an extensive exploration of the origins, risks, and contributing factors of deception, presenting these together in the form of an invaluable resource for scholars and academics seeking a solution to this pressing issue. The book’s comprehensive examination of misinforming identifies the challenges and provides practical strategies and techniques to address and mitigate these risks. By delving into the depths of misinforming, this book equips readers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the information maze of the digital age, ensuring that they can make informed, accurate, and impactful decisions in an era dominated by data.

Explore Prof. Christozov’s bibliography page here.