Prof. Nedyalko Delchev Presents an Art Exhibition

March 21, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
Prof. Nedyalko Delchev Presents an Art Exhibition

Squares, people, hammers, mix of colors and techniques. These are some of the highlights that capture the attention of everyone who walks by the first exhibition of AUBG’s theater professor Nedyalko Delchev, titled “The Bearable Lightness of Not Being.” Delchev, known for his has found a renewed passion for painting during the COVID-19 pandemic after taking a break for a long while. He describes painting as a joyful escape.

“I name the paintings after theater plays, even though they don’t really relate to them.”

Instead, they’re playful expressions of his imagination, filled with fantasies, jokes, and longing for the past.

This exhibition is Delchev’s first solo show, showing his enduring love for art and exploration. Yet, he admitted that there are paintings for at least one more exhibition, so he promised that this will not be the only one.