AUBG Honors Academic Excellence and Community Dedication

April 29, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
AUBG Honors Academic Excellence and Community Dedication

AUBG thrives because of the vibrant life of its learning community. From Broadway musicals, to published academic articles, to challenging and insightful public talks and debates, to sports competitions, vocal, dance, and theater performances, to engaging projects outside the classroom, to inspiring lectures and discussions in the classrooms – our commonly held commitments to the pursuit of truth within a relational and supportive community galvanizes us.

“As we conclude this enriching year and the proximity of a “satisfied exhaustion” looms, we rejoice together at all of the many accomplishments of our AUBG community,” said Provost Mininger. During the ceremony filled with reasons to applaud, the community celebrated the collective and individual impact and success.

Presidential Medalist

The recipient of the 2024 AUBG Presidential Medal is Maria Aleksandrova. A graduating senior, she exemplifies the core principles of the liberal arts tradition at AUBG. Maria has distinguished herself through her exceptional academic achievements, majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication and Political Science and International Relations, and minoring in European Studies and Psychology.

Maria exemplifies AUBG’s liberal arts tradition with academic excellence, a passion for social change, and a dedication to inclusive education, making her a true inspiration. With her advocacy as UNICEF ambassador for inclusive education, Maria makes a long-lasting impact in the society. AUBG is proud to have her as part of the 30 Game-Changers of AUBG and a scholarship recipient of the generously provided by the family of the late Dr. Prof. Lachezar Tsotsorkov.

Read more about her journey in the special article

Outstanding seniors

Student success is the raison d’être of our university. The students’ hard work and achievements reflect AUBG’s commitment to attracting, shaping, empowering, and graduating thoughtful citizens and exceptional people.

“We, the faculty and staff, dedicate our work to creating opportunities that support student success, and we are inspired by your aspirations and accomplishments,” said Provost Mininger.

Every year, the AUBG departments recognize outstanding students in the respective academic fields.

  • Information Systems: Elena Ivanova and Gisela Imera
  • Computer Science: Deni Majstori and Stojan Lisichkov
  • Physics: Alexander Yordanov
  • Mathematics: Ivan Andonov and Phillip Cherganski
  • Journalism and Mass Communication: Anusher Mahmadjonov and Maria Alexandrova
  • Economics: Teodor Nedev and Brigita Andonova
  • Business Administration, Accounting: Regi Callmori
  • Business Administration, Finance: Mikaela Sotirova
  • Business Administration, Management: Ilana Gramatikova and Diana Materova
  • Business Administration, Marketing: Asen Georgiev and Brigita Andonova
  • Modern Languages and Cultures, French: Stanislava Pashkulova
  • Modern Languages and Cultures, Spanish: Kristia Vasileva
  • Modern Languages and Cultures, Bulgarian: Greta Filipova
  • Modern Languages and Cultures, German: Teodor Nedev
  • Literature: Maria Terzieva
  • Film Studies: Alis Sandalova
  • Creative Writing: Teodora Decheva
  • Music, Piano: Mirela Yovcheva
  • Music, Harp: Boyana Nikolova
  • Music, Vocal: Maria Terzieva
  • Psychology: Katrin Garkova
  • Philosophy: Kiril Gevezov
  • History and Civilizations: Frantsiska Kutevska
  • Political Science and International Studies: Martin Bozhankov

Outstanding EMBA students

The EMBA faculty honored two outstanding students whose exceptional contributions have illuminated EMBA Cohort 22 – Iliyan Stoyanov (BA ’13) and Svilena Valcheva.

Iliyan is an AUBG BA alumnus Business Administration and Economics. In 2023, he rejoined AUBG but this time as part of the Executive MBA program. During his studies, he demonstrated excellence by continuously achieving perfect scores in all assignments. Not only did he excel academically, but he also went above and beyond to support his colleagues, offering assistance and guidance whenever needed. His unwavering commitment to both his own success and the success of his peers truly set him apart. While studying at AUBG, Iliyan expanded his skills in his role as an Expert in European Integration in Tonus 21 Ltd.

Svilena consistently stood out as the top-performing student in her class. With unwavering dedication, she consistently delivered thoughtful and thorough assignments, actively engaging with her fellow EMBA peers. She adeptly assumed a leadership position within the cohort, demonstrating conscientiousness and effectiveness in guiding her peers. While studying at AUBG, Svilena kept on applying her newly gained knowledge and skills in her position as Head of Customer Protection operations and Regulatory & Legal support – International in Entain PLC.

Faculty Recognition

While the Honors Convocation recognize the accomplishments of AUBGers, part of the ceremony served to recognize the faculty of AUBG, who challenge, encourage, and support students to help them achieve excellence.

  • Faculty Emeritus Recognition: Professor Kelbetcheva
  • Professor Emeritus Orlin Stoytchev: Professor Orlin Stoytchev
  • Posthumous Emeritus Status: Professor Alexander Ganchev
  • Faculty Research Award: Professor Vladimir Levchev
  • The Cosmina Tanasoiu Excellence in Teaching Award: Professor Robert Phillips Jr.
  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor: Professors Krastanka Bozhinova and Robert Phillips Jr.

Student Recognition

During the ceremony, Dean Sabina Wien congratulated the winners of the University Council Essay Competition and Filitsa Safianou-Mullen Creative Writing Competition. As well as the Fellowship of the Mind best paper winner Arlind Kochi. Certificates were also awarded to students who stood out in their efforts in various fields and impacted the AUBG community.

  • Al Cyrus Theatre Award: Boryana Ivanova
  • Outstanding Student Advisor: Maria Hristova
  • Outstanding Subject Tutors: Christian Tenchev, Leul Kassa Teshome, and Alexandrina Mehandzhiyska
  • Outstanding Writing Tutor: Anjali Avatapalli
  • Outstanding Peer Counselor: Claire Apovo
  • Outstanding Resident Assistant: Simona Gyuzeleva
  • Community and Civic Engagement Award: Aelita Khusnutdinova, Bogomil Yordanov, Ethan Perelstein, Finn Perelstein, Mihail Mishev, and Mohamad Hachem
  • Outstanding Contribution to Shared Governance: Aelita Khusnutdinova and Alexander Yordanov
  • Outstanding Contribution to Sports and Athletics: Georgi Slavov, Brigita Andonova, and Andrea Malinova

The AUBG Honors Convocation ceremony wasn’t just a night of awards. It was the culmination of an academic year that challenged the vibrant community to thrive. It was a celebration of intellectual curiosity, dedication, and the transformative power of education. As the AUBG community is about to close the chapter of another academic year, it goes with a sense of shared spirit of pride and purpose – a reminder that AUBG provides not just education, but leaders and changemakers ready to leave their mark on the world.