Prof. Nedyalko Delchev on Life and Theatre at AUBG

October 11, 2022 Frantsiska Kutevska
Prof. Nedyalko Delchev on Life and Theatre at AUBG

Professor Nedyalko Delchev has been teaching at AUBG for 26 years. A winner of the Bulgarian Oscar, he has diverse experience in directing theatre performances in AUBG and in theatres around Bulgaria and the world.  

Listen to the interview with Professor Nedyalko Delchev who teaches Theatre and Acting classes at AUBG. You can read some of the highlights below. 

“The world has invented the director just to have someone who will not only be an authoritative figure but who will somehow bring all these active ideas to a point where they will be analyzed, summarized, and distilled to be presented to the audience.” 

Acting at AUBG 

This is how Nedyalko Delchev, an Associate Professor in the Department of Literature and Theatre at AUBG, describes his job.  

He has been working both with amateur actors here at AUBG and with professional actors in other theatres in Bulgaria and abroad. 

I would say there are more advantages working with non-professional actors because they are much more obedient… A professional actor can be, of course, involved on a different level and… can offer [the director] an amazing artistic collaboration and input in your work. But it happens often with non-professional amateur actors here…” 

Regarding his experience in AUBG’s diverse student environment, Delchev shares: 

“Here, people are much more interested in working together, creating something together as a team, and it is much closer to the essence of the theatre, this collective art. “

The motivation and eagerness of AUBG students to take acting courses prompted Delchev to create a diverse academic program that will meet their needs. 

“[The plays I choose] are somehow matching the talent and the interests of our students. I know some really great projects, but they are not good for our students. This matching element here is very important. 

Aside from making the right choice, a significant aspect of Delchev’s job is to balance the roles of his students in the production process. 

“Everyone has the right to try their leadership ability and I am not going to be jealous. The contrary, I will be very, very happy if someone is speaking up and actively suggesting things. [My role in this case] is not to allow this someone to apply too much pressure and too much autocratism [sic] on the other students, to be the [mediator] again and to be the figure of authority. Active involvement of all members of the companies is important.” 

Career Path 

To reach this stage of his life where he is advising young actors and directors, Delchev has gone a long way.  

After a year at Veliko Tarnovo University where he was studying Bulgarian Philology, he realized that he wanted to study Filmmaking. However, he needed a two-year university experience before applying. That is why Delchev went to Sofia to study Law and to be in the center of the Bulgarian cinema circles.  

His decisions led to his estranged relationship with his parents. Yet, he never gave up. 

“Sometimes you need this conflict with your parents and this opposition to be certain that you are doing the right things. This kind of strong opposite opinion is an extra motivation. It’s giving you strength. Because later, you will face some difficulties but being so dedicated in the beginning will help you survive those obstacles.”

Advice for The Young 

After overcoming many difficulties and having a decades long career, Delchev has some advice for the young generation coming from his own Professor. 

“Your student years are the time for failures. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to take all possible risks because later in your professional life, it would be very difficult to take some risks. So, experiment in your student years. Test yourself.”

His personal advice for students is: “There are plenty of beautiful places and beautiful jobs waiting for you. Don’t accept a day of work where you feel miserable and not happy.”