AUBG Students Unite for Peace Demonstration

May 02, 2024
AUBG Students Unite for Peace Demonstration

A peaceful demonstration organized by a group of students demanding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip took place yesterday on the campus of the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). In addition to the gathering, students staged a mock checkpoint to demonstrate the violation of free movement rights in the conflict zone. Through these initiatives, AUBG students not only raised a voice for peace but also highlighted the need for a quick solution to the humanitarian crisis.

AUBG is deeply committed to educating its students in the spirit of fundamental democratic values, including freedom of speech. We believe that it is essential for young people to develop critical and independent thinking, to express their opinions freely, and to fight for justice.

 As a university devoted to the search for the truth, we fully support peaceful demonstrations and discussions of difficult, challenging, and controversial topics. That indeed is the purpose of university education: to learn, to examine new ideas, to engage with people and ideas we disagree with, and to search for the truth,” said AUBG President Dr. Margee Ensign.

AUBG is proud of the active citizenship of its students and their commitment to solving the world’s problems. We support their right to free expression and peaceful protest, as well as their pursuit of diplomatic conflict resolution.