Prof. Markus Wien on the Skills You Gain While Studying History

May 19, 2023 Frantsiska Kutevska
Prof. Markus Wien on the Skills You Gain While Studying History

Prof. Markus Wien teaches Economic History, Global History to 1500, and Early Modern Europe at AUBG. Having graduated with Ph.D. from the European University Institute Florence, Italy, Professor Wien believes that the study of history gives students the knowledge and analytical skills to put everything into perspective. 

Listen to the interview with Professor Wien to learn more about the importance of history and why some of the most successful businessmen have majored in History and Civilization. 

“Only history really studies human life in its full richness and variety…You get a feeling of how different and how diverse human life can actually be.”

Critical Thinking 

Prof. Wien believes that History is the field of study that puts everything into perspective and teaches students to think critically.  

“Through criticism you understand things better, you can differentiate, you are not bound to a particular agenda…you probably get a better understanding of how to improve things rather than simply trying to adapt yourself to it,” says Professor Wien. 

He believes that critical thinking is the one skill that sets some professionals apart from others and gives the example of AUBG alumnus Elvin Guri.  

“He explained to me that the Business major helped him become a businessman and make a business career but what made him a successful businessman was the history major…the history major helps him keep a certain critical distance towards the professional field of business,” shares Wien. 

Historical Analysis: Historical Research 

This is one of the requirements in the AUBG General Education program. Students have to take one History course that involves writing a research paper on a historical issue. The purpose of this course is to make students think. 

“We want to train active skills… not only consume historical knowledge but also produce it. This requires you to think much more, to reflect much more,” shares Professor Wien. 

For those majoring in History, this course gives a glimpse into writing a Ph.D. in History. 

“The point is that we need to give those who are interested the opportunity to take the first steps in that direction,” says Professor Wien. 

History as a “core discipline of human self-reflection” 

This is how Professor Wien describes his field of study and is yet another facet of the myriad of opportunities that the History major presents. 

“By studying all these strange societies…completely alien cultures, you actually learn so much about your culture and your own background because you learn it by studying the other,” shares Professor Wien.