AUBG Week of Giving: Living Our Mission

May 29, 2024
AUBG Week of Giving: Living Our Mission

After the celebrations of the 30th graduating class, AUBG announces the inaugural AUBG Week of Giving. Starting June 3 through June 7, anyone could contribute to the futures of more AUBGers and help increase the positive impact of our community in Bulgaria, the Balkans and across the globe.
With more than 6,000 graduates, the AUBG effect contributes to the quality of civic life wherever we are represented. With this, AUBG is striving to support more outstanding students to be able to get the unique experience our successful alumni have had and continue to do good in the world.

“Your support is not only essential to the success of AUBG, it is also a symbol of the strength of the institution in the eyes of corporations, foundations and our U.S. accreditation agency,” said President Ensign. “Every donation matters, no matter the size. Give hope to students from conflict zones or unlock the potential of those facing financial hardship; create opportunities for international students or help those of Bulgarian heritage reconnect with their roots and contribute to the development of the country.”

With the AUBG Week of Giving comes the introduction of the Christo Grozev Scholarship and Fellowship Programs. These initiatives honor the achievements of acclaimed investigative journalist and AUBG alum Christo Grozev ’95. They support students and media professionals pursuing excellence in journalism and aim to empower them to become impactful media professionals.

AUBG Week of Giving

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