Alexandrina Mehandzhiyska Pursuing Her Interests at AUBG

March 01, 2024
Alexandrina Mehandzhiyska Pursuing Her Interests at AUBG

Alexandrina Mehandzhiyska is a first-year student who plans to major in Computer Science and Information Systems. She is one of the AUBG Distinguished scholarship recipients who dived into the AUBG life academics and co-curricular activities. During the Spring 2024 semester, Alexandrina is part of the Student Tutors at the Academic Advising Center.

The IT path

I got into Software University (SoftUni) back in 9th grade, and a year later, I landed my first job as a web developer at the educational company Aim Academics. During my last year at SoftUni, I was selected to become a teaching assistant, and after my graduation in 2022, I became a lecturer there, teaching JavaScript. I’ve also been a mentor at Harvard’s New Year Python seminar in 2020, as well as a guest lecturer at the computer science club of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. And now, I’m joining the AUBG tutoring team.

Computers and Music

People often find the combination between computer science/math and music to be rather strange. However, it’s not that rare, and there is a reason for that. Although the two seem quite distant and unrelated at first glance, they actually have a lot in common. Music is, contrary to the common belief, a field that has strict requirements and regulations. It is based on mathematical rules. The keys of the piano have a certain number of steps between each other; note durations need to be calculated and fit within a particular time signature; rhythm deals with the durations and the patterns of the beats.
An interesting fact is that one of the most prominent Bulgarian conductors, Yordan Kamdzhalov,  even developed a method for memorizing orchestra scores, based entirely on math. No wonder that music falls within the “numerical” category in the liberal arts system.


I think the answer might have already been revealed by my previous two answers. I’ve had diverse interests since I was a kid, and I hated being forced by society (and the traditional educational system) to “choose only one”. AUBG allows you to pursue all of your interests without limitation and judgment. You even get the chance to explore new subjects, clubs, and so much more!

Why Tutoring?

I’d like to show students that math and computer science can be really fun and interesting. We just need to find the approach that works best for each of them. Prioritize understanding the concepts rather than memorizing them. Have fun learning the subject. Find interesting projects where you can apply what you’re learning in class – when you have a specific goal, you’ll find the course much more enjoyable.

“Never feel afraid to seek academic support when you need it – I and the other tutors will be more than glad to help you.”

Make sure to book an appointment with Alexandrina:

MW 18:00-19:00 and R 17:00-19:00 in the Student Affairs floor in the ABF