Invoke: Exciting Education

September 25, 2020 Elevate
Invoke: Exciting Education

“To be completely honest, Elevate for me was the difference between having an idea, and actually realizing that idea,” says Ivan Hristov, the founder and concept creator of Invoke. Ivan happily recalls the beginning of the program and how he got the inspiration behind the startup.
Invoke’s team currently consists of three people: Ivan Hristov — Founder, and Ivan Markovski & Kiril Kitanov as Co-Founders.
Back then, he held a conviction that the educational system does not engage children; that it is not interesting enough for them to be actually excited when learning new things. And Ivan, of course, wanted to change that. But what could he offer to children that would make them curious about the learning process and would successfully hold their attention? Well…video games!
The startup began their journey of developing gamification that would motivate and inspire children between 2nd and 5th grade to learn Math. The interactive visuals teach children that games can be both entertaining and helpful. The team’s main ambition is to present an educational product that makes learning exciting.

“How we approach people, how we react and work on criticism — we learned that during Elevate, we improved,” emphasizes Ivan, and jokes that he endorses Elevate everywhere he goes. He admits that the feedback his team received was not always positive, but it was well-founded and it helped them grow in the long run. “You learn just by being there, by chatting with the rest of the participants,” he says, sharing how much Elevate supported him in making his idea come true.
And indeed, the startup has a noble cause. But that did not prevent Ivan and his team from stumbling upon setbacks. After presenting their progress on Elevate’s Demo Day, Invoke did not attract any direct investors — rather they were offered to participate in foreign accelerator programs once again.
Yet, five months after the end of Elevate, the startup has not admitted defeat. On the contrary, the team is expanding and they’re more motivated than ever. Currently, Invoke is involved in designing a Kickstarter campaign aimed to gather additional funding for its product development. “We don’t want to make a compromise with quality. We want to see it finished how we initially imagined,” shares Ivan, full of hope for a promising future for the startup.

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We can’t help but smile at Ivan’s constant burst of excitement about Invoke’s path. It is because of ideas like his that Elevate exists. Even if the startup doesn’t skyrocket right off the bat, the program cultivates future entrepreneurs who chase their goals until they are realized.

As parting words, the team gives one very important piece of advice: “Folks, be there and be passionate! Talk less and listen more. The key to success is a mixture of patience and dedication. Seek direct contact with your mentors and be sincere. Do not twist your idea just to ensure you get positive feedback. Embrace the negative reactions and work on them. Also, Validate!”

If you’re interested in the project, don’t hesitate to connect with Ivan Hristov on LinkedIn. And for more success stories, updates and entrepreneurial content — follow us on our social media platforms: @elevateaubg.