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Open House

Become an AUBG student for a day. Join us at the Skaptopara Campus.

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Explore AUBG in a day

  • Hear about academic and student life from the source. Professors, students and alumni will tell you what it's like to be an AUBGer.

  • See all AUBG has to offer.

    Professors will show you the different programs we offer and help you find the best fit for you.

    Students will show you all the clubs and activities that will fill your time outside the classroom.

    And our team will show you all the services that will help you through your student journey.

  • Let our students show you around. See the biggest English-language library on the Balkans, the modern classrooms, the cozy rooms at the Skaptopara residence halls, and all the amenities the America for Bulgaria Student Center has to offer.

  • You will get a firsthand taste of the vibrant learning culture that AUBG is renowned for. Whether you're interested in business, journalism, sciences, or any other field, our classes offer a diverse range of subjects, each delivered by experts in their respective disciplines.

  • There's a good chance you're coming to Open House with your parents. We have a special session for them where we'll address all their questions and concerns.

  • Get to know your future classmates and hear about the AUBG experience first-hand.

  • Your time at AUBG can be a life-changing experience. We'll have our graduates on campus to talk about time in university and how it helped them get to where they are today.

Mock Lectures

Join a real AUBG Class

    • "Game Theory" by prof. Adem Elveren (Economics)
    • "The beginning of WWI" by prof. Markus Wien (History)
    • "Communication, media and society: An introduction" by prof. Ezra Winton (Journalism and Mass Communication)
    • "Visual Storytelling: Using your smartphone to tell stories that matter" by prof. Darina Sarelska (Journalism and Mass Communication)
    • "Navigating Ambitions and Setbacks in Paris - Insights from French Literature, Film, and Songs (Lecture in English) by prof. Bozhinova (Modern Languages and Arts)
    • "Interpersonal Perception" by prof. Benjamin Custer (Psychology)
    • "Will America fight China?’ by prof. Ilya Levine (Political Sciences)
    • “The First Latin American Travelogue of the Balkans: Francisco de Miranda in the Ottoman Empire.” by prof. Simeonov (History)
    • "The Origin of Values" by prof. Daniel Adsett (Business)
    • "Analyzing the Marketing Environment" by Carter Mandrik
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Next Open House will be in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.