Borrow / Renew / Request

Borrow / Renew /Request

Checking out

All AUBG students have Library accounts automatically created upon arrival at the university. Faculty and staff are registered at the Circulation Desk with their AUBG ID card. Non-AUBG visitors use the Library after filling out a form without borrowing privileges. Patrons check out materials from the Library by presenting AUBG ID card at the Circulation Desk.     

Loan periods  


Course Reserves


CDs, DVDs, VHS, cassettes


20 for a period of 21 days

3  for a period of 2  hours

3 for a period of 3 days

3 for a period of 3 days

ELI Students

3 for a period of 21 days

3 for a period of  2 hours

3 for a period of 3 days

3 for a period of 3 days


30 for a period of 90 days

3 for a period of 2 hours

3 for a period of 3 days

3 for a period of 3 days


10 for a period of 21 days

3 for a period of 3 days

3 for a period of 3 days

Alumni 3 for a period of 30 days 3 for a period of 30 days


All checked-out materials should be returned to the Circulation Desk.

Fines for overdue/lost Library materials

Library Item



Course reserves, requested materials and other limited check-out materials

$ 1 per loan period

the cost plus $ 10 processing fee


$ 0.10 per day

the cost plus $ 10 processing fee



$ 0.10 per day

the cost plus $ 5 processing fee

Missing Parts: If any part is missing upon return (e.g. missing cassettes, booklets, CDs, etc.), you can replace the missing part(s). If it is not possible to replace the missing part(s), you will be charged for the entire cost of the material.  Faculty and staff are not charged overdue fines, but professional courtesy requires regular returning of the library materials.

Book renewal

Patrons can renew books either online or at the Circulation Desk before the due date. Requested books cannot be renewed but If returned late, $1 fee is accumulated to the patron’s account.  

Online renewal

Patrons access their Library accounts from home page "My account" link or the upper left corner of the Catalog page. The 10-digit number at the back of the AUBG ID card is both the user name and password for it. Each book may be renewed only once online. For every subsequent renewal, patrons should bring the book to the Circulation Desk.  

Hold requests

If a book is not available, it can be requested either online throught "My account" link or at the Circulation Desk. Once the book is returned, patrons will be notified by e-mail. It will be kept at the Circulation Desk for a period of 7 days.

Course reserves

The Course Reserve is a collection of materials put by Faculty for a specific course. They can be a textbook for a course, photocopies, additional readings, audio-visual materials, etc. The print course Reserve is situated at the Circulation Desk. The Electronic course Reserve can be accessed through the Catalog within the university network, using the Reserve search options by instructor’s name, course ID or material title.

Students may check out up to three reserve materials for a period of 2 hours and use them only within the Library. The fine for overdue reserve materials is $1 per loan period.

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