Residential Life

All undergraduate students are required to live on campus as part of the university mission.

Since our students come from over 40 countries, living in halls feels like being part of a mini map of the world! In this safe, secure and comfortable environment, lifelong friendships are born and minds are opened amid diversity and mutual respect.

The residence halls are a smoke-free environment and disability accessible. Activity areas include aerobic rooms, music practice rooms, multipurpose rooms, billiard and ping pong areas, several television lounges, outside decks, kitchens, and cafes. All of our residence halls are secured 24 hours with a security guard. We have common areas where you can either study or rest along with your friends. If you need anything, you can go to the reception desk and ask a friendly Resident Assistant for help. 

Resident Assistants are students who assist fellow students with living in the dorms. They are highly-motivated, highly-trained students who will help anyone feel at home on our campus. They work alongside trained counselors in the Office of Residential Life to make sure your time on campus is pleasant, academically enriching!

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