Vladimir Levchev


In English:
The Rainbow Mason. Charlottesville, VA: Cornerstone Press, 2005. (Poems by Vladimir Levchev)
Heavenly Balkans. Washington, D.C.: Argon House Press, 2002,. (Poems by Vladimir Levchev)
Black Book of the Endangered Species. Washington, D.C.: Word Works, 1999. (Poems by Vladimir Levchev, translated by Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Henry Taylor)
Leaves from the Dry Tree. Merrick, New York: Cross-Cultural Communications, 1996.(Poems by Vladimir Levchev, translated by Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Henry Taylor)
“The New Bulgarian Literature: De-constructing the Pyramid,” Bulgaria in Transition. Boulder,CO: Westview Press, 1998. (one chapter in a book edited by John D. Bell)

In Bulgarian:
Books of Poetry:
Arrhythmia.(Аритмии) Sofia: Narodna Mladej Publ., 1978
16 Poems. ( 16 стихотворения) Sofia: Narodna Mladej Publ., 1980
Some Day. ( Някой ден) Sofia: Bulgarski Pisatel Publ., 1983
Who is Dreaming My Lifе.(Кой сьнува моя живот) Sofia: Narodna Mladej Publ., 1984
Flowers, Cities, and Seas.(Цветя, градове и морета) Varna: Georgi Bakalov Publ., 1986
Landscapes by an Unknown Master.(Пейзажи на неизвестен майстор) Plovdiv: C.G.Danov, 1987
Sofia under the Moon. (София под луната) Sofia: Alexander Panov Publ., 1991}
Making the Dry Tree Flourish. (Раззеленяване на сухото дьрво)Sofia: St. Kliment Univ. Press, 1993
The End. (Край) Plovdiv: Hermes Publ., 1994
Black Book. (Черна книга)Sofia: Free Poetry Society, 1997
Heavenly Balkans.(Небесни Балкани)Sofia: Orpheus, 2000
Collected Dreams. (Събрани сънища) Sofia: St. Kliment Ochridsky Univ. Press, 2006
Who Is Dreaming My Life: 1977-2007. ( Кой сънува моя живот: 1977 – 2007) Plovdiv: Janet 45, 2007

Book of Essays:
Literature and Morality.(Литература и морал) Sofia: Anubis Publ., 1994

Books of Fiction:
Krali Marko: The Balkan Prince. Крали Марко: Балканският принц (A novel.)Sofia: St. Kliment Univ. Press, 2001; Second Edition: Plovdiv: Zhanet-45, 2006

Books of Translation:
Eliot, T.S., Selected Poems. Sofia: Narodna Kultura Publ., 1994
The Supper after the Last: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry. (ed.by Vladimir Levchev, Sofia: Narodna Kultura,1990(sponsored by USIA))
The Bhagavadgita. Sofia: Narodna Kultura Publ., 1988 ( with Y. Peychinova)
Elytis, Odysseas. To Axion Esti. Sofia: Narodna Kultura Publ., 1987 (with Tz. Panitsidou)
Ginsberg, Allen. Wings Lifted over the Black Pit. Sofia: Narodna Kultura Publ.,1983
Kunitz, Stanley. Passing Through, New York- Sofia: Cross-Cultural Communications, 2002


M.F.A., Creative Writing, The American University, Washington, DC, U.S.A., 1996
Emphasis: Poetry, Fiction Recipient: Fulbright Scholarship
M.A., History of Art ,The Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria,1982
Thesis: Marsilio Ficino: An Ideologist of the High Renaissance in Italy

Teaching Interests

Creative writing, Poetry, Balkan literature, American and world poetry, Exposition, Persuasion

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