Apply to EMBA Program

Applicants to the Executive MBA should plan well in advance in order to prepare the necessary documents, take the TOEFL exam, and determine the goals that will guide their study.

The applicants can benefit from the AUBG Executive MBA two-step application process:

Pre-selection without TOEFL:
Submit all required documents without the TOEFL test and attend a professional interview. The Admissions Committee will encourage applicants with potential for a successful admission to the AUBG Executive MBA program to take the TOEFL test before the application deadline.

Final Selection:
Executive MBA applicants who applied for pre-selection are expected to take the TOEFL test in time for AUBG to receive the official score reports by the application deadline.

Executive MBA applicants who apply without pre-selection are expected to submit their full application package, including official TOEFL test score by the application deadline.

To start the process the applicants can request the materials online or contact the staff for additional information.

Application Package 

You can complete your application online here

You can email all required documents, listed below to

  • Completed electronic application form or paper application form.
  • Two essays (topics included in the application form)
  • Two professional recommendations
  • Resume or professional CV
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate diploma and transcript from an accredited institution of higher education. If the original is not in English, please provide a notarized copy and an English translation
  • Valid TOEFL or IELTS or Cambridge ESOL CPE score sent directly from the respective testing agency to AUBG Admissions Office. The AUBG institutional code number for receiving official TOEFL score is 2451
  • A non-refundable application fee of 35 Euro
Application Timeline

Enrollment in the Executive MBA program at the American University in Bulgaria is selective and limited. Admissions are done year-round on a rolling basis and candidates are urged to submit their complete applications as early as possible. We strongly encourage candidates to apply during the early stages, as the size of the class is limited.

To assist candidates in their preparatory process, a timeline follows:

  • Pre-selection application: June 30
  • Final application deadline: November 30
  • Program begins: January

Late Applications
Applications submitted or completed after the deadline may be considered solely at the discretion of the EMBA Admissions Committee. Admissions Committee deliberations are confidential and students who are not admitted should not expect an explanation of the committee's decision.

Admission Notification
AUBG ordinarily notifies applicants as to the status of their application within two weeks after the file is completed.

Conditional Admission
AUBG may offer conditional admission to applicants who have not received test scores by the application deadline but will require that applicants fulfill all requirements before the end of the first semester. Students with a conditional admission status may attend classes and are required to pay all fees according to the deadlines for regular students

Deferred Enrollment
AUBG permits accepted applicants to defer their enrollment to the EMBA program for one year. Candidates requesting deferred enrollment status must make their request in writing to the AUBG EMBA Admissions Office prior to December 1 in the year of their application.

Enrollment Confirmation Deadlines
Admitted students must confirm their intention to enroll in the program in writing and by a non-refundable deposit of 200 Euro. The deposit is deducted from their first semester tuition fee.

Enrollment Waiting List
Enrollment to the EMBA program is limited in order to ensure the quality of education, the student-centered teaching style and the team-work approach. For that reason, the EMBA Admissions Committee may make a waiting list of admitted students, based on the quality of their applications. In case there are students who did not confirm their enrollment or did not defer their enrollment, and after the relevant deadlines have passed, AUBG may admit applicants from the waiting list.

Application Steps
  1. Application package – submit a complete Executive MBA application package by the respective deadline;
  2. Application acknowledgment – you will be notified by e-mail by the Executive MBA Admissions Office about the receipt of the application materials; 
  3. Application review – after all application materials are thoroughly reviewed by the Admissions Committee, pre-selected candidates will be invited for a required personal interview;
  4. Professional interview – a personal interview with members of the Admissions Committee will be arranged for all selected applicants;
  5. Tests - all applicants pre-selected after the professional interview will be required to take the TOEFL test no later than the beginning of September;
  6. Admissions decision – all applicants will be informed of the final decision for admission with an official letter sent by e-mail and mail;
  7. Confirmation of acceptance – admitted applicants should confirm their participation in the program by signing a statement in the Letter of Acceptance within a week after they receive it.

Transfer Applicants

The AUBG EMBA program is not designed to accommodate students transferring from other graduate degree programs. On rare occasions, the EMBA Admissions Committee may accept a transfer applicant if the applicant is academically qualified, and can complete his/her degree program without disruption to the regular students. The EMBA Admissions Committee is under no obligation to accept transfer applications and may impose any conditions it considers necessary to protect the academic integrity of the program.

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