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Alexander Ganchev Memorial Student Award

in the Areas of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Alexander Ganchev Memorial Student Award

  • Our beloved and highly respected friend and colleague, Alexander Ganchev, who passed away on November 13, 2022, was one of the pillars of the Department of Mathematics and Science in the years 2001-2022. He was among the principal initiators of both the Mathematics and Physics Majors at AUBG.

    Professor Ganchev was thoroughly devoted to his students, his scientific interests, and the promotion of mathematics and science. With his broad erudition and range of scientific interests and his insatiable strive for knowledge and perfection, he was an inspiration to many AUBG students. He was a beloved mentor to many of them and helped dozens discover the beauty of mathematics and science.

    The Alexander Ganchev memorial student award will be given annually to the student who has best distinguished themselves in their studies in mathematics and science.

  • The Alexander Ganchev Memorial Student Award fund aims to preserve the memory of AUBG professor Alexander Ganchev and to promote mathematics and science among AUBG students.

    The fund will be operated by the Development Office of AUBG. It will accumulate money through restricted (named) donations within the system for donating to AUBG. Each year an award in the range of $500 - $1000 (or the accumulated sum in case it is less than $500) will be given to one currently enrolled AUBG student who has best distinguished themselves in their studies in mathematics and science.

    Nominations for the recipient will be made by the members of the Department of Mathematics and Science. By the end of March each year, a Committee will be formed to decide on the recipient and the amount of the award. The Committee will consist of two members from the Mathematics Discipline, one member from the Physics Discipline, and one member from the Biology and Environmental Science Discipline. The organization of the process of nominations and election of the Committee will be the responsibility of the Chair of the Mathematics and Science Department.

    The Committee will elect a chair from among its members at its first meeting. The Committee chair will be responsible for calling a meeting of the Committee to select a recipient, completing all documents for the award, and communicating with the Development Office of AUBG on all matters relating to the award.

  • Alexander Ganchev (1955-2022) was a distinguished mathematician and physicist, renowned for his contributions to mathematical physics, representation theory, and category theory. As a professor at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), he inspired countless students with his passion for mathematics and taught a diverse range of subjects including calculus, linear algebra, and differential geometry. Ganchev's research focused on conformal field theory, representation theory, q-groups, and the application of category theory in physics. His groundbreaking work left an indelible mark on the scientific community and continues to shape ongoing research. Ganchev's legacy as an exceptional educator, researcher, and mentor will be remembered and cherished by all whose lives he touched.

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