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The American University in Bulgaria is committed to financially supporting its students and as a result, we cover 60 percent of their tuition fees, which leaves us with a $5,000 scholarship gap per student per year. In order for AUBG to be able to live up to its promise, we need external funding and support.

Your contribution aids AUBG’s commitment to provide world-class education to some of the brightest students from more than 40 countries regardless of their social background. Your gift plays a vital role in encouraging these young minds in their pursuit of excellence, personal and professional success, and service to the region and the world.

Your Impact

Your contribution has a lasting impact on our students in all stages of their life. You can support deserving students as they enter the doors of the university and make their first steps towards the future. You can give to continuing students as they learn, grow and plan their graduate studies and career path. You can support students with outstanding leadership potential and students with strong academic achievements; you can make a difference in the lives of your fellow citizens and students in great financial need.

Establish a scholarship

Support for students directly contributes to fulfilling the promise of AUBG.  With many students coming from the least affluent environments, and accepting the responsibility of tuition in order to receive a quality education at AUBG, scholarships provide a critical component in opportunity for deserving students.  Many options exist for student support at all levels.  This is a gift that renders dividends well into the future.