Diversity Program

The Diversity Program is a participatory program that increases awareness of differences among various groups. It aims to help participants identify the accurate and inaccurate information they have learned about other groups, to gain a deeper understanding of people different from themselves, to identify the personal and cultural similarities and learn to appreciate and celebrate the differences that may be encountered at AUBG.

The Diversity Program kicks off right in the Orientation Week with a half-day workshop. After that, our dedicated Diversity Team leads many fun and varied events through the year to inspire and encourage you to get involved. Some examples are International Week, Taste Fest and the popular AUBG Got Talent Show.

What are the steps of the diversity workshop?  

The diversity workshop is an integral part of the Orientation Week for all newly-accepted students and offers the following games and activities: 

Odd Man Out
Large group activity that helps participants to identify similarities and differences with others in their group.

Work in pairs to get to know each other better.

Small groups discover perceptions and stereotypes that exist about certain groups and explore where those ideas may have originated from.

Groups at AUBG
Participants work to distinguish the different groups they might encounter at AUBG and list common positive and negative adjectives to describe these groups.

Diversity Playing Field
Participants connect on a deeper level by identifying similarities related to class, race, ethnicity, gender, experiences with discrimination and prejudice, etc.

Individuals share personal experiences in which their beliefs were challenged or they encountered racism, sexism, prejudice, etc.

Conflict Resolution/Role Playing
Participants learn how to work effectively through cross-cultural conflict.

What are some of the activities throughout the academic year?

International Week, organized by the AUBG Diversity Team and Phi Beta Delta celebrates the great diversity at AUBG and promotes a spirit of tolerance towards different cultures. It brings students, faculty and staff together.

International Week Activities may include:

Country presentations
Participants present their home country by sharing little-known details about their culture and traditions. This is an unforgettable journey through stories told by real people from different countries.

Arts, Crafts, Games
Doing origami, teaching Mongolian script and Bulgarian embroidery, painting on silk and drawing henna tattoos, martial arts and practicing yoga.

Taste Fest
Traditional dishes from all over the world are prepared by AUBG students, staff and faculty. It is one of the most attended events on campus.

AUBG Millionaire Show
A quiz of questions concerning culture, geography, history and other subjects related to the different countries represented in the University. The main goal of this event is to promote diversity and to exchange international knowledge among the students.

Talent Show
Music Event where talents from our university take part.

Other activities

Travel Series program
Students exchange international knowledge by sharing their impressions from a foreign country they have visited.

Cultural Series
Features trips in the region of Blagoevgrad, visits to local cultural sites, as well as the Opera, Ballet and museums in Sofia.

Who are AUBG's Diversity Team?

AUBG's Diversity Team consists of a representative cross-section of students, faculty and administrators, specifically trained, to provide a pro-active response to discrimination and intergroup conflict on campus.

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