Vesselina Panayotova

Impact Drive

Vesselina Panayotova AUBG CIDC NATO

Vesselina Panayotova has worked for over 15 years in the corporate sector with fast-moving goods in senior management positions and has experience in business development and sales. She led a team of 200+ people and worked with an annual turnover of over 250+ million. leva. She has gained experience from daily work with entrepreneurs. She graduated in business administration with a specialization in marketing and management in the United States. She decided to slow down the speed 2 years ago and founded a consulting business for a women’s team, something she has been dreaming of since college. She believes that every mother has the right to balance healthily between work and children. And because she knows what it’s like to have a cause to work for, she also supports social entrepreneurs. According to Veselina, “Social entrepreneurs have the right to reveal the beauty of their work with the stories behind it.”