Theodora Ivanova-Valeva

Impact Drive

Theodora Ivanova-Valeva’s professional life for over 20 years has long been associated with the design and management of grant schemes and programs. Working for short period of time in public authorities and private management consulting, she finds passion and meaning in the non-governmental sector and people working for causes. Experienced in design and management of training modules and programs (since 2001) and as a certified trainer (since 2014) she creates trainings for young people and youth workers, provides career support for Roma youth, mentoring support and consultations, design and implementation of youth trainings; author trainings for NGO specialists (2015 until now Fundraising – basic and 2 upgrading modules, Social Entrepreneurship, BMC, Communications for NGOs, Crowdfunding, Project Design & Management, Donor programs for NGOs); trainings on diversity and inclusion for corporate employees (including online formats). She has significant experience in the design and management of grant schemes and programs and projects funded by diverse sources with special interest in education and empowerment programs. Expertise in work with vulnerable groups and business (Co-founder of the Diversity Pays Off Initiative that bridges the business with vulnerable youths; co-author of “Diversity in the workplace – why and how? – a guide for diversity at the workplace management). She is very interested in how cause driven organisations to be effective, influential and successful in their missions. Possesses two master’s degrees in management and business administration (UNWE and IFAG).​