Today’s Revival Leaders: Tuk-Tam and AUBG’s Joint Initiative

September 04, 2022 Tsvetana Haydushka
Today’s Revival Leaders: Tuk-Tam and AUBG’s Joint Initiative

“Dialogues” is a series of events that bring together the leaders of today for experience exchange, ideas generation, and policy discussions. A joint initiative of AUBG and Tuk-Tam, the series aims to motivate and inspire through the personal stories of people who have brought positive change in Bulgaria. The speakers at the first event titled “Dialogues on Today’s Revival Leaders” — Dr. Kalin Vasilev, Nadezhda Rangelova, Darin Madzharov, and Lazar Radkov — can easily be described as revival leaders, or будители in Bulgarian, for the tireless way in which they work for a better and more just society.

„Dare to act.“
„Stay together.“
„Keep learning.“
„Never give up.“

These are the words that the participants would put up on a billboard that the whole world could see. They shared this and other insights during the hybrid event that took place at the university’s Elieff Center in Sofia and through AUBG’s online channels on Nov. 23. The founder of Tuk-Tam, Hristo Boyadzhiev, facilitated the debate on the stage.

“The revival leaders of today are the people who help other people at large scale improve their skills,” said Darin Madzharov, who is the founder of the educational platform, a company that aims to present the school lessons in an interesting and engaging video format. “In Bulgaria, the only thing we need is a lot more people with a lot better skills than we have now. The only way that we can make our country richer is through businesses that deliver value, pay taxes and increase the salaries.” For the innovations that Madzharov had implemented in the educational system in Bulgaria, he was featured in the prestigious Forbes “30 under 30” ranking in the country.

Founder of TurnovoRuns Dr. Kalin Vasilev spoke about that one quality that distinguishes people who have dedicated their careers to bringing positive change.

“It’s true that you need to inspire the masses,” Vasilev, who was named “Revival Leader for 2020” by the Bulgarian National Radio, said. “But I think that the connection between будители [the revival leaders] and motivators is that you inspire them towards a greater good. It’s not just about business skills. You need to have virtues behind it like kindness, like integrity. It needs to be for the greater good of the community.”

Another speaker at the event was Lazar Radkov who is a fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and founder of Caps for Future and Thanks to the donated plastic caps that have helped gather money for more than 30 baby incubators, the Caps for Future campaign received the award of Hristo Botev Radio “Revival Leader of 2021″.

“Through my work for Caps for Future I have met so many people that are worthy, so many people that are good-natured and would want to help and want nothing in return,” Radkov said. “So many people that are pure inspiration for me and for everyone around them. In Bulgaria there are many people like that, we just don’t know most of them. The easiest way to see the bright future in Bulgaria and to meet these people is to get involved as a volunteer, to take part in an initiative that helps others.”

„For me, the change in the world starts with you,” Nadezhda Rangelova, who is one of the founders of Za Dobroto [For the Good] foundation, said. “And for me personally, my revival leaders in our society are the seven ladies [I work with at Za Doboroto]. All of them are great and all of them have helped me change something within me. Together with them, we are already changing the perspective of children’s healthcare in Bulgaria.” The mission of Za Dobroto — to set a high standard for children’s health and education — has already united over 12,000 volunteers and donors across the country, as well as Bulgarians living abroad, and has won them the “Revival Leader for 2021” award.