Thank You for Your Support | AUBG Week of Giving

June 11, 2024

All of us at AUBG, are most grateful and gratified by the response we have received to our new Week of Giving scholarship campaign.

In choosing to support students seeking AUBG’s unique liberal arts education, you are changing lives and supporting tomorrow’s leaders. It’s that simple and profound.

International students from all over the world who seek to study in Bulgaria, students whose families have fallen on hard times or whose societies have descended into conflict and chaos, students in search of their Bulgarian heritage and students who want to prepare for courageous careers in democratic journalism, all will benefit from your generosity.

It’s never too late to contribute. If you missed our Week of Giving, you can still make a difference throughout the year. Please visit and select a cause that is dearest to your heart. Your support is crucial.

Select a cause that is dearest to your heart