Teodora Nikolova Sharing Her Passion for Sports

March 18, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
Teodora Nikolova Sharing Her Passion for Sports

Passionate about sports but driven by a sharp business mind, Teodora Nikolova is pursuing a double major in Business Administration and Journalism and Mass Communication, complemented by a minor in Economics. Her involvement on campus reflects this vibrant mix. As the former Head of Sponsorship for the StartUP Blagoevgrad club, she led successful efforts to secure resources and build strong partnerships.

Meanwhile, her dedication to athletics led her to achieve her dream goal of becoming Vice President of AUBG Olympics, the largest sports club on campus. Teodora believes the values of discipline, teamwork, and leadership honed on the playing field translate seamlessly into the business world, and she is eager to leverage these experiences as she launches her professional career.

Teodora Nikolova is one of the recipients of the AUBG & Friends Golf Tournament Scholarship. The scholarship is available for current students thanks to the support of the participants in the tournament. Read more about the impact of the scholarship for Teodora below:

“I decided to apply for this scholarship because I am really passionate about sports and this was an opportunity for me to show my dedication and love in the sphere. I have been playing handball for 14 years and now I am part of the women’s team in my hometown – HC “Slivnitsa”, which turned my hobby into a profession. I was part of the National team of Bulgaria and I have played in numerous international tournaments.

I was very happy to receive the scholarship two years in a row, which proved that my hard work during the years paid off.

It helped me cover a part of my tuition and therefore to contribute to my parents’ efforts to cover the sum. I felt appreciated and this gave me the motivation to continue with what I do.

I want to tell the students who are planning to apply to show their full potential by sharing their determination, passion and love for sports with people. Even if they don’t receive the scholarship now, never give up but work harder and achieve higher peaks that deserve to be awarded.

Use your sports discipline, passion and motivation in your daily life and you will see how easy the success might be!”