Subject Week: “Summer Reading”

May 02, 2023
Subject Week: “Summer Reading”

Summer is just around the corner!  We know this is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and dive into a good book. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of books that are perfect for lazy afternoons on the beach, long road trips, or just curling up with a good book in the sun. So come on in, grab a book, and get lost in a summer adventure.

Print Books:

  1. Buchanan, B., & Imbrie, A. (2022). The new fire : War, peace, and democracy in the age of AI.The MIT Press. Q335 .B795 2022
  2. Einav, L., Finkelstein, A., & Fisman, R. (2023). Risky Business : Why insurance markets fail and what to do about it. Yale University Press. HG8059 .E363 2022
  3. Ferrante, E. (2022). In the margins : On the pleasures of reading and writing (A. Goldstein, Trans.). Europa Editions. PQ4866.E6345 M3713 2022
  4. Hoffman, A. J. (2021). Management as a calling : Leading business, serving society. Stanford Business Books. HD60 .H633 2021
  5. Karunatilaka, S. (2022). The seven moons of Maali Almeida. Sort Of Books.9.K378 S48 202
  6. Keefe, P. R. (2022). Empire of Pain : The secret history of the Sackler Dynasty. Anchor Books.94 .K444 2022
  7. Kleiman, K. (2022). Proving ground : The untold story of the six women who programmed the world’s  first modern computer. Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group.QA76.2.A2 K56 2022
  8. Marquis, C., & Qiao, K. (2022). Mao and markets : The communist roots of Chinese enterprise. Yale University Press. HD4318 .M368 2022
  9. Morris, E. (2020). Edison. Random House. E3 M685 2020
  10. Otsuka, J. (2023). The swimmers. Anchor Books. T88 S95 2023
  11. Power, R. (2022). Bewilderment. Vintage Canada. O92 B49 2022
  12. Richtel, M. (2022). Inspired : understanding creativity : A journey through art, science, and the soul. Mariner Books. BF408 .R445 2022
  13. Vince, G. (2022). Nomad century : How climate migration will reshape our world. Flatiron Books. GE149 .V563 2022


  1. Adam, J. (2021). Balisong. Salamander Street Ltd. ProQuest Central
  2. Asong, L. (2009). A legend of the dead. Langaa RPCIG. ProQuest Central
  3. Bartlett, N. (2021). Jane austen : Reflections of a reader. Open Book Publishers. ProQuest Central
  4. Powell, K. (2021). Then a wind blew. Weaver Press. ProQuest Central
  5. Ruttenberg,A. & Maital S. (2014). Cracking the Creativity Code : Zoom In/Zoom Out/Zoom in Framework for Creativity, Fun, and Success. Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. Ebscohost
  1. Siggs, S. (2021). Love bites. Salamander Street Ltd.. ProQuest Central
  2. Vančura, V., Grus, J., & Corner, M. (2014). Summer of Caprice. Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press. Ebscohost
  3. Vandermerwe, M. (2010). This place I call home. Modajaji Books. ProQuest Central
  4. Wells, H. G. (2006). The secret places of the heart. Floating Press, The. ProQuest Central
  5. Woolf, V. (2012). The voyage out. Andrews UK Ltd. ProQuest Central