Silvia Srebreva on Bringing her Persistence to AUBG

August 22, 2023 Greti Georgieva
Silvia Srebreva on Bringing her Persistence to AUBG

Silvia Srebreva is one of the newly accepted students at AUBG. She graduated from the High School of Mathematics in Plovdiv “Acad. Kiril Popov”. She is passionate about mathematics, physics and computer science, but her interests stretch out to creative writing, volunteering and kickboxing.

In a series of articles, we talk to the students who will join the AUBG community in Fall 2023. We are talking with Silvia about her academic interests, extracurricular activities and AUBG expectations.

Academic Life

Silvia is truly an Olympiad slayer, because she has been participating in various Maths and Languages competitions since the second grade.

The feeling of excitement when you enter a competition, the curiosity of testing your knowledge – these are feelings which cannot be described with words.

One of her favorite academic projects is her participation in the “Applied and Experimental Physics 52nd Club Quant Competition”, a team competition with three rounds, in which she was the team leader. After months filled with tireless preparation of experiments and solving problems requiring both knowledge in physics and logical thinking, her team answered the final “all-or-nothing” question and won third place.

“The competition itself was intense, yet it brought us even closer, and winning third place helped me prove to myself that physics is a field I love, but most importantly, that under pressure I can take responsibility for a group of people.“

Extracurricular Activities

Silvia loves to defy the stereotype that martial arts are masculine and dangerous and has been kickboxing for nine years now. She also became a tutor and coach at “Summer Daycare” at Teres Gym and Fight club. She tutored children in Bulgarian, English, and mathematics and coached them twice a day on kickboxing.

“I wanted to show them that you can be kind and smart outside of the ring, yet fierce when fighting.”

Apart from that, Silvia also won a silver medal representing Bulgaria at the 2022 Savate World Cup. About the experience, she says: “Even when your mind tells you ‘I cannot do this’, you are capable of things beyond your imagination, you can endure pressure, pain, fatigue.”

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Her volunteer work includes her involvement in the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross in Plovdiv. There she got promoted to Mediator of the Organizational team, gave lectures to disadvantaged teens on the topic of HIV and helped refugees. She participated in weekly first aid trainings, thanks to joining the Youth Emergency Crew. She is also a member of TED Translators and writes Bulgarian subtitles for TED Talk videos.

“There is a certain level of satisfaction when you see your name in official TED videos as a translator, knowing that someone in need can watch a video which you had taken for granted.”

Her leadership skills have also been strengthened by her being a Junior Counselor at Academy GLOW, a girls-only camp that teaches girls leadership and soft skills. She was also a Mediator of the School Council and a member of the Management board of her high school. There Silvia organized school campaigns, represented the student body, and managed the student council’s social media accounts.

“I would say that there is no useless effort. Any deed you do for others has a value.”


“Why not AUBG?” counter asks Silvia.

She further adds that the university resonates with her goal to compete with herself and her strong drive for success.

“I believe AUBG offers everything and so much more. It is a creative hub, a space where critical thinking, leadership, and uniqueness are promoted and supported. Furthermore, the academic freedom that AUBG offers, would allow me to explore my interests and expand on my potential.”

She also contacted alumni and current students and could talk to members of the faculty. This network of people was what completely “sealed the deal” for her.

“I met these intelligent, passionate, helpful and exciting figures, which convinced me that this is the place for people who want to be part of the change.”


Silvia looks at her future four years at AUBG with positivity and high hopes. She looks forward to broadening her knowledge and meeting interesting and talented people. She is prepared for both the more turbulent times of midterms and finals and the fun environment of the AUBG campus.

“I definitely look forward to the exchange of experience, knowledge, and cultures with students and faculty. I want to bring my own uniqueness to AUBG.”

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