Sabel Basheva Receives the Postbank Scholarship  

February 02, 2023
Sabel Basheva Receives the Postbank Scholarship  

Sabel Basheva is a third-year student double-majoring in Economics and Business Administration and minoring in Finance. Thanks to her high academic performance within the majors and the successful completion of a given business case, Sabel was awarded a newly established scholarship from AUBG’s long-term strategic partner – Postbank.  

About the Postbank Scholarship

As a Founding Member of the Corporate Advisory board of AUBG, Postbank offers academic merit-based scholarships to both current and newly admitted AUBG students. This year, for the current students, the Postbank scholarship application process involved the submission of a development strategy proposal based on provided data.   

First Strategic Planning Experience

When talking about the application process, Sabel highlights that completing the scholarship task was her first-ever experience with strategic planning. Having done extensive research on the given topic, she not only managed to figure out how to apply the already acquired knowledge of economics but also came up with various successful solutions for the business case.  

Being immensely grateful to Postbank for the scholarship, Sabel shares with excitement that her efforts and courage to try new things have certainly paid off. “(…) This experience pointed my finance passion in a certain direction, and I am happy that I gave it a chance,” she said. “(…) Except for helping my studies, the scholarship helped me have a clearer vision of my career path, which is crucial for a student who will be graduating soon.”  

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