Project MUSE

February 21, 2023
Project MUSE

Panitza library is pleased to inform you that until December 31, 2023 we have access to Project MUSE.

The subscription is sponsored through the new OSUN Library resources program.

Project MUSE is a trusted provider of humanities and social science content for the scholarly community since 1995 with the full-text journals, books, and related content from over 200 not-for-profit publishers.

Currently, we have access to:

  • Standard Journal Collection – an interdisciplinary collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals designed for institutions acquiring extensively in the humanities and social sciences. It offers institutions interdisciplinary content consistent with their collection development needs yet ensures controlled annual growth.
  • Project MUSE OA eBooks.

The access is provided within the University network and remotely.

If you have questions regarding the collection, or would like to give us feedback, please contact Gergana Atanasova.