Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov Distinguished Scholarships | Stories of Impact

January 29, 2024 Tsvetana Haydushka
Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov Distinguished Scholarships | Stories of Impact

In 2019, Dimitar Tsotsorkov, a dedicated member of the AUBG Board of Trustees, established five full scholarships to honor his father, Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov. Fast forward to 2024, and these scholarships, offering full tuition for a four-year course of study, are enriching the educational journeys of first-year Bulgarian students. Prioritizing individuals with a strong commitment to social responsibility, the scholarships aim to instill values of responsibility and respect for the local community.

In an interview, Dimitar Tsotsorkov underlines the significance of corporate social responsibility, emphasizing that giving back to the local community is pivotal for sustainable development and happiness. The “Lachezar Tsotsorkov” Foundation, founded in honor of  Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov selected AUBG for its leading academic and democratic status in Bulgaria, firmly believing that investing in education has the most profound impact on the community.



According to Dimitar Tsotsorkov, true happiness and success come from helping others.

“Giving back to your community is an important tool to instill values in the next generation because it teaches them to respect their roots, their local culture, their local communities. This reflects on the youngsters’ success in life.”  

To recent graduates, Tsotsorkov advises embracing universal humanistic values, including hard work, bravery, balance, wisdom, continuous learning, curiosity, and justice, as essential principles for building a fulfilling life and career. 

The Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov Distinguished Scholarships, through the “Lachezar Tsotsorkov” Foundation, have played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of numerous deserving individuals. Here are some remarkable stories of past recipients, showcasing the profound impact of the foundation’s generous support:

Aleksandra Balkanska (‘23)

  • Major: Economics and Business Administration.
  • Achievements: High academic performance, Dean’s and President’s lists.
  • Campus Involvement: Senator for the Student Government, leadership roles in the AUBG Business Club.
  • Impact: Eased financial burden and inspired her to contribute back to her community in the future.

Eliya Panchova (‘23)

  • Major: Economics and Business Administration.
  • Realization: Discovered passion for management during her time at AUBG.
  • Engagement: Active participation in clubs like TEDxAUBG and the Political Science Club.
  • Contribution: Involved with NGOs such as the Bulgarian Debate Association and The Aleksander Foundation.
  • International Opportunities: Earned a full scholarship to the LSE Summer School in 2021, leading to studies in the UK.

Kameliya Nikolova (‘23)

  • Major: Psychology and Business.
  • Transformative Journey: Experienced a transformative journey at AUBG, thanks to the full scholarship provided by the Tsotsorkov Foundation.
  • Recognition: Winner of the University Council Essay Competition 2023

Teodora Vasileva (‘23) 

  • Major: Economics and Business Administration.
  • Expressed gratitude for the opportunity to receive a top-notch education without financial burden.
  • Full University Experience: The scholarship facilitated academic pursuits and allowed for a rich university experience.

Monika Varadinova (‘23)

  • Majors: Psychology and Political Science.
  • Holistic Impact: Explored and excelled in dual majors while actively participating in the Broadway Performance Club.
  • Engagement: Joined the AUBG Alumni Association as Director-at-Large after graduation.

The Prof. Dr. Lachezar Tsotsorkov Distinguished Scholarships is one of the drivers of positive change, empowering students at AUBG to pursue their dreams and make a lasting impact in their communities. As the foundation continues to invest in education and community development, the stories of these recipients stand as testimonials to the transformative power of accessible and quality education. Through their achievements, they carry forward the legacy of the Tsotsorkov Foundation, embodying the spirit of giving back to Bulgaria and beyond. 

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