Mustafë Sejdiu Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Students from Kosovo

March 14, 2024
Mustafë Sejdiu Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Students from Kosovo

AUBG is proud to announce the establishment of the “Mustafë Sejdiu Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Students from Kosovo” generously sponsored by Kosovo alumnus Dardan Sejdiu (’03). This scholarship, tailored for continuing students, aims to honor the memory of Dardan’s late father, Mustafë Sejdiu, who left his mark in the AUBG community. Mustafë Sejdiu played a key role in facilitating the participation of 200 Kosovo students in the university’s summer school program back in 2000.

The scholarship initiative is dedicated to supporting the academic endeavors of deserving students from Kosovo. In Spring 2024, two scholarships, each amounting to EUR 2,000, will be awarded, with funds allocated for the Academic Year ’24-’25. Subsequently, the Donor, in collaboration with AUBG, will determine the annual number of scholarships based on available funds, ensuring a minimum of one scholarship worth EUR 2,000. 

“This named scholarship for AUBG students from Kosovo is a wonderful tribute by Dardan Sejdiu to his late father, Mustafe Sejdiu,” said former AUBG president Julia Watkins. “It was he who contributed immeasurably behind the scenes to the success of the Kosovo Leadership project by talking to the students as they boarded each bus to Blagoevgrad.”

“He reminded them of the opportunity the program presented, the importance of what they were doing and how their accomplishments would contribute to the future of Kosovo. Mustafe will be remembered for his commitment to AUBG, to his country, and to the development of future leaders”

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship require candidates to be citizens of Kosovo, continuing students in their junior or senior year at the time of receiving the scholarship, and majoring in social sciences. Preference will be given to majors in Economics, Political Science, and Journalism and Mass Communications. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate academic excellence, with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.33 (B+) and above. Like this, the “Mustafë Sejdiu Endowed Memorial Scholarship” presents a valuable opportunity for qualified students from Kosovo pursuing social science disciplines at AUBG. 

More than just a financial aid opportunity, the “Mustafë Sejdiu Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Students from Kosovo” encapsulates a profound personal story of lasting legacy and commitment. Dardan Sejdiu’s dedication to honoring his father’s memory and the shared history with AUBG underscores the scholarship’s significance. Through this scholarship, the university celebrates the enduring connections and contributions that individuals like Mustafë Sejdiu have made to the AUBG community, creating a meaningful and impactful legacy for generations to come. 

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