“Media Psychology” Subject Week

November 14, 2022
“Media Psychology” Subject Week

Library Subject week PsychologyMedia psychology investigates the impact of media on human behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Some of the main topics in the field are media influence, online learning, the impact of social media, and audience involvement. Below you will find a list of books that covers these topics and more.



Print books

1. Callison, C., & Young, M. L. (2020). Reckoning: journalism’s limits and possibilities. Oxford University Press. PN4784.O24 C455 2020

2. Coen, S., & Bull, P. (Eds.). (2021). The psychology of journalism. NY: Oxford University Press. P96.P75 P794 2021

3. Dimsdale, J. E. (2021). Dark persuasion: A history of brainwashing from Pavlov to social media. Yale University Press. BF633 .D56 2021

4. Giles, D. (2010). Psychology of the media. Palgrave Macmillan. P96.P75 G557 2010

5. Jackson, J. (2019). You are what you read: Why changing your media diet can change the world. Unbound.  P96.P75 J33 2019

6. Mukherjee, A. (2018). The internet trap: Five costs of living online. University of Toronto Press. HM1017 .M85 2018

7. Raney, A. A., Janicke-Bowles, S. H., Oliver, M. B., & Dale, K. R. (2021). Introduction to positive media psychology. Taylor & Francis Group. P96.P75 R36 2021

8. Sanborn, F. W., & Harris, R. J. (2019). A cognitive psychology of mass communication.Routledge. P96.P75 H37 2019

9. Stanovich, K. E. (2013). How to think straight about psychology. Pearson. BF76.5 .S68 2013

10.Wahl-Jorgensen, K. (2019). Emotions, media and politics. Polity. P95.8 .W35 2019


When off-campus, please enter your credentials to access e-books.


1. Antony, M. G. (2015). Audience responses to real media violence: The knockout game. Lexington Books. ProQuest Central

2. Charlton, B. (2014). Addicted to distraction: Psychological consequences of the modern mass media. University of Buckingham Press. ProQuest Central

3. Derks, D., & Bakker, A. (Eds.). (2013). The psychology of digital media at work. Taylor & Francis Group. ProQuest Central

4. Dill, K. E. (2009). How fantasy becomes reality: Seeing through media influence. Oxford University Press, Incorporated. ProQuest Central

5. Garde-Hansen, J. (2011). Media and memory. Edinburgh University Press. ProQuest Central

6. Giles, D. (2003). Media psychology. Taylor & Francis Group. ProQuest Central

7. Hartmann, T., & Vorderer, P. (Eds.). (2009). Media choice: A theoretical and empirical overview. Taylor & Francis Group. ProQuest Central

8. Meek, A., & Meek, A. (2009). Trauma and media: Theories, histories, and images. Taylor & Francis Group. ProQuest Central

9. Shrum, L. J. (Ed.). (2012). The psychology of entertainment media: Blurring the lines between entertainment and persuasion. Taylor & Francis Group. ProQuest Central

10. Weimann, G. (1999). Communicating unreality: Modern media and the reconstruction of reality. SAGE Publications, Incorporated. ProQuest Central