Martin Milevski on Diving into the AUBG Life

November 28, 2023
Martin Milevski on Diving into the AUBG Life

Martin Milevski is one of the freshmen at AUBG this semester. He comes from the eastern part of North Macedonia. He spent his high school years exploring Europe through the Erasmus+ projects for youth.

In a series of articles, we talk to the students who will join the AUBG community in Fall 2023. We are talking with Martin about his academic interests, extracurricular activities and AUBG expectations.

“Growing up in such a town was sometimes limiting for my personal and academic interests, but, in the end, nothing held me back from finding a way to pursue them.”


For Martin, the decision to choose AUBG was driven by a desire for a diverse and enriching educational experience. After extensive research, he discovered that AUBG’s puts the students in the center which aligned perfectly with his vision for education. “I realized that having the right to choose what I learned in life was the correct path for my education and future,” Martin said.

“I knew living on a small yet diversely rich campus would best fit me.”


Martin’s academic journey at AUBG reflects the flexibility and adaptability of the liberal arts approach. Initially drawn to specific plans, he made a significant shift to Journalism and Mass Communication. Looking ahead, he expresses his interdisciplinary ambitions: “I am planning to dive into Psychology and Film and Theater Studies from the next semester.”

Student Life

Engaging in campus life at AUBG, Martin formed meaningful connections that feel like a lifetime of friendship. “It’s been almost three months here, and I’ve created close relationships with some students, staff members, and professors around me. I feel like I’ve known them for my whole life, which is even more exciting for what’s to come for the next three years!”

In addition to his academic pursuits, Martin actively participates in two clubs – AUBG Daily and Xaia. “As of now, AUBG has exceeded my expectations with life on campus, academically and personally. Being surrounded by people with vision, warm-heartedness, and respect for you has been liberating. They value every inch of you, which has created this optimistic vision for the next three years I intend to spend on campus.”

“Campus life hasn’t stopped. There is always something to do and someone to share some quality time with, and I cannot imagine what it will be like in the future!”

Piece of advice

I recently heard one quote: ‘Every day, you won’t win, but you’re a loser if you don’t try.’ It resonated with me because people around me, especially Mom, kept telling me that at least I’d tried whenever I didn’t win something. This made me never lose hope in grasping life’s chances on a daily basis. So, shoot your shot! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Distinguished Scholar?

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