Maria Petrova (’95), Co-Director in Georgetown University, on her AUBG life in the 90s

September 04, 2022 Tsvetana Haydushka
Maria Petrova (’95), Co-Director in Georgetown University, on her AUBG life in the 90s
Updated: Read more about the newly created course on Sustainability at AUBG.
Maria Petrova is a graduate of the first class of AUBG where she studied Business Administration. Today, she is an assistant director of a Master’s degree program for environment and sustainability at Georgetown University. In November, she will give a one-credit business course on managing energy transitions at our university.

Maria is also the very first AUBGer that we feature in our newly launched podcast Skapto Stories. Listen to her talk about her AUBG experience and her exciting and meaningful career on Spotify.

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Upon graduating from AUBG, Maria pursued a Master’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, and PR at the University of Sheffield in Greece and then defended a Ph.D. on the topic of “Determinants of public opinion on renewable energy: The case of energy development in Oregon” at Oregon State University. Maria has also been a Harvard research associate on renewable energy in Eastern Europe, where she researched energy integration and development in Bulgaria.

Building upon her academic knowledge, Maria became the program manager of a transdisciplinary program that trained a new generation of policymakers, scientists, and managers with the skills to better understand and interpret the interactions between natural and human systems.

“In anything that you do, you can think about how you are making a difference,” she said as a piece of advice to AUBGers. “What is your contribution to what you are doing and how would you change the world? What mark would you leave? How are you making the world a better place? Don’t stop dreaming. Challenge the system and work hard towards your goals!”